The Ultimate Going Green Quiz
by Staff
The green movement has come a long way since it began several decades ago. Multitudes of companies and individuals are now taking every possible measure to green their homes and buildings. Regardless whether you are a seasoned green activist or a novice just catching green fever, take our quiz now to test how green you can be.

How does the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommend that we deal with solid waste?

  • Choose waste prevention above all and then choose recycling as a second option.
  • Dispose of solid waste as a last resort only.
  • EPA recommendations for solid waste incorporate both of the above answers.

What is the key to successfully becoming a green consumer?

  • Ease into green, make one or two green changes a month to sustain a green lifestyle.
  • Conduct a green audit of your home to identify a list of green action items you can implement immediately.
  • There is only one way to go green, kick your wasteful habits and jump on the green bandwagon whole-heartedly.

What are you trying to achieve by going green with one or two items a month?

  • You want to avoid friends and family judging your environmental passion as an obsession.
  • You are trying to make a greener lifestyle your way of life by building one good habit at a time.
  • The idea is to switch to a green lifestyle without causing undue financial hardship as green is more expensive.

Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy:

  • to power a computer for 45 minutes
  • to power a computer for 35 minutes
  • to power a computer for 25 minutes

Recycling one tin can saves enough energy:

  • to power a television for 4 hours
  • to power a television for 3 hours
  • to power a television for 2 hours

What is a key secret to slowing down and eventual turning around the current abuse of our Earth?

  • small changes by many can make a large impact
  • political action and reform
  • boycotting of irresponsible companies products

What is the fourth “R” that the green movement recently added to the traditional three green principals?

  • rethink
  • reform
  • retool

What is one category of items that you can recycle that many people overlook and simply discard?

  • disposable diapers
  • electronic items
  • both of the above

How can you recognize products that help green the world by using recycled content during manufacture?

  • Look for a triangle made of three stylized arrows with the letters PETE underneath.
  • Look for: "Contains post-consumer recycled material"
  • Look for a logo of a green leaf inside a green triangle with a percentage of recycled material printed underneath.

What is a great way to save money and prevent some waste from entering the system at the same time?

  • You can purchase items only in recyclable containers.
  • You can shop for groceries only once a month.
  • You can buy products you use often in bulk at a health food store or co-op.

What else can you do to cut down on using items that require recycling?

  • Do not buy bottled water.
  • Do not buy commercial cleaning products.
  • Buy only mechanically shelled peanuts.

What is one good way almost all of use can do to reduce waste without making a major adjustment?

  • You can buy a travel coffee cup and make our coffee at home before we start our daily commute.
  • You can arrange a neighborhood car pool for everyone’s daily commute to and from work.
  • You can start taking public transport for your daily commute to and from work.

What is a good way to implement the green concept of reuse in your home?

  • Keep food wastage out of landfill by composting it for your garden instead.
  • You can implement ways to reuse water in your garden, which has a double benefit of reducing consumption.
  • Both of the above are good ideas to implement the green concept of reuse in your home.

How much energy is saved for every degree higher you set a cooling thermostat?

  • 6 to 10 percent per degree higher
  • 4 to 8 percent per degree higher
  • 3 to 6 percent per degree higher

How much of the worlds annual paper production is consumed in the United States?

  • one half
  • one third
  • one quarter

What can you do to reduce the amount of harmful cleaning chemicals that you use in your home?

  • Buy one large bottle of concentrated all-purpose cleaner and use spray or small bottles for different purposes.
  • To kill germs properly you need commercial cleansers look for ones that are biodegradable.
  • Make your own cleaning solutions out of harmless ingredients you find in your kitchen.

Why are organic foods considered not only healthy for you but also good for the environment?

  • Organic certification requires that producers use 30 percent less water than comparable non-organic farms.
  • Production of certified organic foods does not allow use of harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.
  • Any waste from cooking with organic food such as peelings make better compost.

What other green-smart strategy can be employed to make a difference for the world?

  • Buy produce grown by local farmers, which supports your community and cuts down on transport costs.
  • Plant your own backyard garden as well as using your own compost to fertilize and enrich the soil.
  • Both answers are green-smart strategies.

What is one easy change to make at your grocery store that can have a huge benefit for our environment?

  • Look for single boxes with large quantities of product separated in sealed multiples to maintain freshness.
  • Bring your own cotton or canvas grocery bags to the supermarket and avoid plastic or paper bags.
  • Carpool with another family to the supermarket covering two trips with only one.

How much more efficient are fluorescent tubes in producing light than a typical incandescent light?

  • four to six times
  • eight to 10 times
  • 10 to 20 times