You Paid How Much for Cat Poop Coffee?: The Gourmet Prices and Facts Quiz
by Staff
Gourmet cuisine includes some of the world's rarest, most expensive, and just plain weird foods. While many people are content to shell out big bucks for caviar and foie gras, others prefer to excite the palate without taking out a second mortgage to pay for groceries. The frugal gourmet relies on innovation to create exciting and memorable meals without the high cost of traditional high-end ingredients. Think you know all there is to know about creating five-star cuisine on a shoestring budget? Take our Frugal Gourmet Recipe quiz to find out!

This high-end appetizer costs just 50 cents per serving if you prepare it yourself at home.

  • crab puffs
  • lobster rolls
  • edamame

What are truffles?

  • fish eggs
  • snails
  • fungi

What dish made from corn meal is now considered a gourmet delicacy?

  • saffron
  • polenta
  • casu marzu

Which of these cuts of beef is generally the cheapest?

  • tenderloin
  • sirloin
  • rib-eye

What percentage of the average American's disposable income is spent on food?

  • 9 percent
  • 20 percent
  • 40 percent

What color of caviar is the most expensive?

  • black
  • white
  • amber

After Magnolia Bakery was included in a 2000 episode of “Sex and the City,” people across the country began to splurge on this sweet treat.

  • ice cream
  • cupcakes
  • pie

This spice, which is popular in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Provencal cuisine, is generally considered to be the most expensive spice in the world.

  • curry
  • saffron
  • rosemary

What is gnocchi?

  • a type of vegetable
  • a type of dumpling
  • a type of egg

What modern gourmet food was once fed to servants and prisoners in colonial America?

  • caviar
  • lobster
  • foie gras

The word “gourmet” comes from a French term meaning ______.

  • wine merchant
  • wealthy person
  • chef

What type of nut can you substitute for expensive pine nuts when making pesto?

  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • peanuts

Which of these meats features the lowest price per pound?

  • bone-in pork chops
  • lean ground beef
  • whole chicken

What's so special about Kopi Luwak coffee, which costs $300 to $600 per pound?

  • It's made from beans that are thousands of years old.
  • It's made from beans that were found in an Egyptian pyramid.
  • It's made from beans that were digested by an Indonesian cat.

This dish made from saffron, chicken, rice and shellfish originated in Valencia, Spain.

  • polenta
  • foie gras
  • paella

How much of their income does the average family spend on dining out each year?

  • 4 percent
  • 10 percent
  • 18 percent

What makes casu marzu cheese so sought after?

  • It's topped with flakes of gold.
  • It contains some of the world's rarest truffles.
  • It's crawling with live maggots.

How much should you expect to pay for a pound of Kobe, or Wagyu, beef?

  • $14 per pound
  • $50 per pound
  • $150 per pound

What part of a duck is used to make foie gras?

  • intestines
  • liver
  • feet

How many saffron blooms are needed to produce a pound of this fragrant spice?

  • 500
  • 10,000
  • 75,000