The Ultimate Grand Teton National Park Quiz
by Staff
The Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming offers year-round sightseeing and adventures for the whole family. Take this quiz to embark on a virtual journey of exploration to this fascinating national park.

Where is Grand Teton National Park located?

  • Northwest Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • Southern Montana

How did the park get its name?

  • It is named for the explorer who discovered it.
  • It was named for the Tetons mountain range
  • It is the Native American name for the region.

How high is the Grand Teton?

  • 13,770 feet
  • 12,770 feet
  • 11,770 feet

Who gave the Tetons their name?

  • Cheyenne people
  • Spanish explorer
  • French trapper

How big is the park?

  • 210,000 acres
  • 310,000 acres
  • 410,000 acres

When was this park established?

  • 1929
  • 1937
  • 1942

What is notable about Jackson Hole?

  • one of the deepest valleys in any park
  • it has an airfield
  • oldest inhabited area of Wyoming

What are Teewinot, Owen and Nez Perce?

  • valleys
  • rivers
  • mountains

How high is Mount Moran?

  • 12,605 feet
  • 11,605 feet
  • 9,605 feet

Which is the largest lake along the base of the Tetons?

  • Jackson Lake
  • Lake Moran
  • Teewinot Lake

Why do many people seeing the Tetons for the first time find them familiar?

  • popular subject for classic landscape paintings
  • logo of a popular outdoor clothing label
  • movies backdrop

Which river flows out of Jackson Lake?

  • Jackson Hole River
  • Snake River
  • Moran River

How long is the section of river in the park?

  • 30 miles
  • 40 miles
  • 50 miles

What is the favorite meal of the great ospreys?

  • baby otters
  • trout
  • small birds

What are Indian paintbrush and blue columbine?

  • birds
  • wildflowers
  • trees

What kinds of trees do you find in the park?

  • birch, maple and ash
  • willow, poplar and oak
  • pine, spruce and fir

Where would you go to see moose and osprey?

  • Moose Junction
  • Blacktail Ponds Overlook
  • Jenny Lake

What is considered the best location for a panoramic view of the Tetons?

  • Snake River Outlook
  • Inspiration Point
  • Solitude Lake

According to archeological evidence, when did man first set foot here?

  • 11,000 years ago
  • 5,000 years ago
  • 1,000 years ago

Who discovered the valley in 1600?

  • French trappers
  • Spanish explorers
  • Native American peoples