The Ultimate Grasshopper Quiz
by Staff
Grasshoppers are an interesting and complex insect that are also referred to in the Bible. Farmers are terrified of losing their crops to a swarm of a type of grasshopper called a locust. Kids love to catch these hoppy critters and to save them in a bottle. Learn more about the grasshopper by taking our quiz.

How many types of grasshoppers are there?

  • two
  • four
  • six

Is a locust actually a grasshopper or something different?

  • A locust is actually a separate insect related to the grasshopper.
  • A locust is actually a long-horned grasshopper.
  • A locust is actually a short-horned grasshopper.

What is the length range of an adult grasshopper?

  • one inch to five inches
  • one-half inch to over six inches
  • one-quarter inch to over six and a half inches

How many different kinds of insects are there in the world?

  • almost one million
  • more than 1 million
  • a billion

How far can an inch-long grasshopper jump?

  • 12 inches
  • 15 inches
  • 20 inches

What environment is void of grasshoppers?

  • Sahara Desert
  • Congo rainforest
  • North Pole

Why is it that grasshoppers cannot survive in the North or South poles?

  • Grasshoppers cannot survive in the freezing temperatures, as there is no plant life for them to feed on.
  • Grasshoppers are cold blooded and therefore they cannot survive in the freezing temperatures.
  • Grasshoppers are warm blooded and therefore they cannot survive in the freezing temperatures.

How many eyes does a grasshopper have?

  • A grasshopper has five eyes.
  • A grasshopper has four eyes.
  • A grasshopper has two eyes.

How far can a six-inch long grasshopper jump?

  • 10 feet (3.04 M)
  • six feet (1.8 M)
  • four feet (1.2 M)

Where are a long-horned grasshoppers' hearing organs located?

  • thorax
  • abdomen
  • front legs

How do short-horned grasshoppers create their sounds and songs?

  • by rubbing the hind legs against the wings
  • by rubbing the wings together
  • both of the above

With five eyes, how do grasshoppers see?

  • Two compound eyes see forward, one small eye sees left and one right, the middle small eye sees downward.
  • Only the two large compound eyes containing many lenses are used to see by putting a picture together.
  • The two large eyes are only a disguise to scare predators; the three small eyes are what a grasshopper uses to see.

Since grasshoppers do not have noses, how do grasshoppers smell?

  • Grasshoppers eat any plant and do not require or make use of a sense of smell.
  • Grasshoppers use their antennae or feelers to smell.
  • Grasshoppers have small organs that they use for smelling located on the knees of the middle legs.

What is the purpose of grasshoppers’ wings in addition to singing?

  • flying
  • only decorations
  • defense of thorax and abdomen

How does a grasshopper breathe?

  • through its mouth
  • through its antennae
  • through tiny holes in its thorax and abdomen

What do some long-horned grasshoppers eat?

  • plants and flowers
  • dead animals and other insects
  • both of the above

Which sex of the grasshopper does all the singing?

  • only the male
  • only the female
  • both of the above

Where do short-horned grasshopper lay their eggs?

  • on soft tissue of plants
  • in sealed underground clusters
  • on tree branches

What is a distinctive feature of the grasshopper nymph that hatches from an egg?

  • The nymph has a hard exoskeleton that it must shed and replace several times as it grows.
  • The nymph has a voracious appetite that is even greater than an adult grasshopper.
  • Both of the above statements are true of a grasshopper nymph.

Which type of grasshopper swarms, migrates, devours crops and is often called a locust?

  • short-horned grasshopper
  • long-horned grasshopper
  • both of the above