The Ultimate Green Architecture Quiz
by Staff
If you've heard more than enough about eco-conscious, environmentally friendly and green stuff, test your knowledge and see if you're retaining the information or are still green behind the ears.

What is "greenwashing?"

  • cleaning up products to make them more environmentally friendly
  • promoting something as green when it's not
  • providing a protective coating; like whitewashing but safer for the environment

What percentage of a building material has to be from reused or repurposed materials for it to be called "recycled"?

  • depends on weight and cost calculations
  • at least 15 percent
  • more than 30 percent

How much additional, formal schooling does an architect need in order to be a green architecture specialist?

  • two years
  • 15 course credit hours
  • none

What is "green fatigue"?

  • an erosion of materials used in construction
  • a disorder from living and working in "sick" or toxic buildings
  • a weariness in talking about all things green

Which architect said: "In 10 years we're not going to talk about sustainability anymore, because it's going to be built into the core processes of architecture...Advertising sustainability...will be like an architect getting up in front of a room to 'proudly proclaim how his buildings didn't fall down.'"

  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Charles Eames
  • Robert Stern

Which housing type might have the smallest carbon footprint?

  • multi-family
  • solar single-family
  • rural farmhouse

People who live in glass houses should:

  • reconsider
  • glaze
  • both

What's a solid choice for furnishing an eco-conscious home and keeping it, well, conscious?

  • buy used
  • use wood only
  • shop eco-friendly

Which very famous architect has had to defend some of their negative comments about green architecture?

  • Eric Owen Moss
  • Zaha Hadid
  • Frank Gehry

This housing type may seem environmentally friendly, but it's often not.

  • timber frame
  • adobe
  • brick

LEED is an acronym for:

  • Lean Engineering in Environmental Direction
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • Leading Environmental Engineering Design

One of the most acclaimed public green projects in the United States does NOT have this:

  • concrete
  • air conditioning
  • a parking lot

Which of these is sold online for use as housing?

  • train cars
  • shipping containers
  • both

Is it more green to sell your house and live in an RV?

  • don't know; I have green fatigue
  • it can go either way
  • home is where the green is

Who are the green police?

  • environmental enforcers
  • St. Patrick's Day cops
  • recycling ticketers

What is the Zerofootprint Prize?

  • a house design competition
  • a building re-skinning contest
  • an off-the-grid award

When will green architecture be regulated under a standard international building code?

  • 2012
  • 2014
  • 2015

How much more per square foot does it cost to build a green home?

  • it costs less
  • it varies
  • both of the above

Who focused on sustainability long before it entered mainstream design?

  • Donald Ross
  • Dick Wilson
  • Bucky Fuller

Green architecture and design professionals can look to which of these influential cultures for eco-friendly designs?

  • Native American
  • Appalachian
  • Polynesian