Green Driving Quiz
by Staff
With skyrocketing gasoline prices, drivers everywhere are seeking ways to improve their fuel economy. Find out how green your knowledge is with the green driving quiz.

By following certain green driving habits, you can increase your fuel economy by almost how much?

  • 32 percent
  • 47 percent
  • 55 percent

For every extra 100 pounds (45 kilograms) your car carries, it loses how much fuel economy?

  • 1 percent
  • 2 percent
  • 4 percent

Why do properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency?

  • they decrease the force of friction
  • they counteract the force of gravity
  • they're lighter

At what speed do most cars run at maximum efficiency?

  • 40 mph (64 kph)
  • 50 mph (80 kph)
  • 60 mph (97 kph)

Which of the following is not a viable fuel alternative?

  • vegetable oil
  • ethanol
  • xenon

Which of the following does not contribute to a 33 percent decrease in fuel efficiency?

  • hard braking
  • accelerating
  • coasting

Which of the following gets the best gas mileage?

  • SUVs
  • hybrids
  • sports cars

When two or more people ride together to get somewhere, it's called:

  • car zipping
  • car pooling
  • driving

If people who were able to telecommute did so two days a week, how many gallons of fuel could be saved?

  • 1.35 million gallons (5.1 million liters)
  • 500 million gallons (1.9 billion liters)
  • 1.35 billion gallons (5.1 billion liters)

What work alternative can cut down on your commuting costs and decrease pollution by 20 percent?

  • four-day workweeks
  • sick days
  • teleconferencing