Do You Have a Green Thumb?
by Staff
In theory, caring for plants is easy. They're stationary and nonverbal, and their nutritional requirements generally consist of sunlight, soil and water. But not everyone has what it takes to sprout seeds into greens. See how well your plant-growing skills have taken root with this quiz!

The thought of running your hands through loose soil makes you want to:

  • wash your hands
  • put on some gloves
  • grab some seeds and a spade -- and get to work!

True or false: Plants with large, green leaves need lots of sun.

  • true
  • false
  • depends on the plant

The soil of your potted plant should be:

  • moist
  • damp
  • wet

Which best describes annuals?

  • plants that bloom once a year
  • plants that thrive year-round
  • plants that have a year-long life cycle

True or false: If you've got a green thumb, all you really need is soil and seeds. Tools are for the birds!

  • true
  • false
  • depends on how long you've been gardening

Which best describes hydroponics?

  • the practice of growing plants without soil
  • the practice of growing plants without water
  • the practice of growing plants without light

What are perennials?

  • plants that live for multiple years
  • plants that live for a single year
  • plants that live for two months

True or false: All plants need a similar type of nutrient-rich soil.

  • true
  • false
  • true, except for cacti

Which of the following best describes biennials' growing behavior?

  • bloom once a year for two years, then die
  • take two years to go through their full growth cycle
  • both of the above

True or false: The only way to eliminate pests in your vegetable garden is with chemical pesticides.

  • true
  • false
  • depends on the type of pests and the varieties of vegetables