The Ultimate Green Vacation Quiz
by Staff
You can have a great family trip and reduce your carbon footprint by making green choices. For example, take a train instead of a plane and select a green hotel. Take this quiz to learn more about taking a green vacations.

What do green travelers want to do?

  • preserve the areas they visit
  • leave no carbon footprint
  • both answers

By the year 2020, what is the estimate for tourists flying to international destinations?

  • 600 million
  • 800 million
  • 1.6 billion

How can travelers decrease their carbon footprint with their lodging choices?

  • choose a green hotel
  • choose a new hotel
  • neither choice

What is a sustainable operating technique that may be used at green hotels?

  • composting food waste
  • using environmentally preferable products
  • both answers

What transportation method emits the most carbon dioxide per traveler?

  • cars
  • planes
  • both answers

How do carbon offsets help the environment?

  • proceeds are used to fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • proceeds are used to fund petroleum exploration
  • neither answer

How can an environmentally concerned traveler compensate for a plane trip?

  • recycle water bottles
  • purchase carbon offset
  • use lower octane gas

What is the greener choice for transportation?

  • buses
  • cars
  • planes

What is the cost of carbon offsets?

  • inexpensive
  • very expensive
  • very, very expensive

What senator is reputed to purchase carbon offsets?

  • Senator Diane Feinstein
  • Senator John McCain
  • Senator Joe Lieberman

What is a project sponsored by funding from carbon offsets ?

  • wind farms
  • landfill gas capture
  • both answers

What is a staycation?

  • vacationing in your local area
  • vacationing in the neighboring state
  • vacationing in the neighboring country

What famous religious leader encouraged his followers to adapt green living practices?

  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • 14th Dalai Lama
  • neither answer

What is gray water recycling?

  • recycling of water from laundry
  • recycling of water from dishwashing
  • both answers

How many environmentally friendly hotels are there?

  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 3000

How do green hotels perform financially compared to non-green hotels?

  • less profitable
  • same
  • more profitable

How do you know if a hotel or resort is green?

  • Green Key sign
  • Blue Flag sign
  • both answers

What sovereign state has zero carbon dioxide emissions?

  • Vatican City
  • Bahamas
  • Gambia

What activity is green?

  • using a refillable water bottle
  • washing dishes by hand
  • both answers

When renting a car, what is a green choice?

  • hybrid
  • midsize car
  • SUV