The Ultimate Greening Your House to Increase Its Value Quiz
by Staff
With the growth of environmentalism, people are wondering whether investing in a greener home will increase its resale value. It is already well known that a green home can save you a lot of money on energy costs and improve your health. Now studies are showing that the value of a home will increase significantly in exchange for investing in going green. Take this quiz to see how greening can raise the market value of your home.

What is the green building movement all about?

  • Green building is all about choosing alternate energy sources such as wind power, solar heating and solar power.
  • Green building is about making building choices with future energy use, comfort and health as a focus.
  • Green building is all about building an earthcraft home or a home following federal LEED guidelines.

How many basic ways are there to make your home greener?

  • three
  • four
  • five

What is a common term that refers to your homes exterior walls, windows, doors and roof?

  • exterior shell
  • environ
  • envelope

What is a good first step to improving energy efficiency in your home?

  • Your first step is to use lighting that is more efficient and update to greener appliances.
  • Your first step is to assess the envelope to address breaches where air can penetrate or leak out of your home.
  • Both of the above answers are important first steps to making your home more energy efficient.

What would be considered a way to add environmentally friendly features to your home?

  • Switch out standard carpeting for natural hardwood, cork floors and vinyl flooring.
  • Add water-efficient fixtures, native landscaping and use materials having minimal impact on the earth.
  • Replace a conventional thermostat with a programmable thermostat and add a photocell to security lighting.

What is a good basic greening step that you can take to make your home healthier?

  • You want to improve air quality in your home by using green cleaning solutions and clean decorating articles.
  • Dispose of traditional carpeting from your home and replace it with hardwood or ceramic flooring instead.
  • Both of the above are good basic greening steps that will make your home healthier.

What is an answer to a frequently asked question of how much extra is going green going to coast?

  • Many green choices will save you money over time and will increase the sale price of your home.
  • Many green choices help act as a marketing tool when you want to sell and there are tax credits for going green.
  • Both of the above are good answers to skeptics of benefits to going green.

What did a 2007 study by the National Association of Appraisers find is the dollar increase in property value for every dollar in annual energy bill reduction because of greening?

  • 23.89
  • 20.73
  • 18.98

How much can you save in a typical home if you seal around your doors, windows and wall penetrations, such as dryer vents?

  • around $100 a month
  • around $80 a month
  • around $65 a month

How much can you expect to save if you switch from single pane windows to EnergyStar rated windows that cost about $65 each?

  • $480 per annum
  • $350 per annum
  • $275 per annum

If you upgrade attic insulation to R-30 in an 1800 square feet home, how much can you expect to save on yearly energy costs?

  • around $648
  • around $546
  • around $436

By simply sealing your ductwork, how much a can you save yearly on heating and cooling costs?

  • more than $100
  • around $90
  • about $80

How much can you save on heating and cooling costs by replacing a traditional thermostat with an EnergyStar programmable thermostat?

  • 100
  • 140
  • 180

Why is it that many people are reluctant to replace incandescent bulbs with the greener compact fluorescent bulbs?

  • high unit cost
  • harsher light output
  • do not fit in many fixtures

How much money can you save on energy costs by replacing five regular bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs?

  • $125 per year
  • $100 per year
  • $75 per year

What should you ensure if you are planning to purchase a new or replacement appliance?

  • Ensure that any appliance you purchase has a green rating seal by the Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Ensure that any appliance you purchase has an EnergyStar certification sticker attached.
  • Ensure that any appliance you purchase has a logo of green triangle formed by stylized arrows with the letters PETE under it.

What green features are people willing to pay a premium price for when they make a home purchase?

  • health factors and environmental impact
  • reduced energy costs
  • both of the above

For what purpose is more than half of U.S. water consumption dedicated?

  • irrigation and landscaping
  • industrial purposes
  • drinking, washing, waste disposal and bathing

What should you focus on for materials to make your home healthier?

  • Use ceramic tile or hardwood flooring instead of carpeting.
  • Use only latex acrylic paints on walls instead of alkyd based paints.
  • Use materials that have low VOC content.

What device should you consider to improve the air quality inside your new energy efficient green home with a tight envelope?

  • Consider installing a central dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from your home.
  • Consider installing a quality ventilation system with a built in heat exchanger.
  • Consider adding a fresh air supply to your heating and cooling system.