Quiz: Is your grocery bill breaking the bank?
by Staff
Rising food prices make it difficult to eat healthfully while sticking to a budget, but it's not impossible. Take our quiz to see how you can eat nutritiously and be a savvy shopper.

What percentage of Americans' disposable income is spent on groceries?

  • 9.8 percent
  • 14.4 percent
  • 21.6 percent

Which of the following contributes to rising food costs?

  • higher fuel prices
  • higher feed prices
  • both of the above

Which of the following is the healthiest eating guideline?

  • Go vegetarian.
  • Water should be your only beverage.
  • Eat in moderation and variety.

Where is the best place to shop for healthy food in the supermarket?

  • around the perimeter
  • at the end of each aisle
  • aisles one through five

Where should you look on shelves for the best values?

  • eye level
  • top shelf
  • lower shelf

When is the worst time to go grocery shopping?

  • when you're hungry
  • when you're tired
  • after eating a big meal

Which of the following staple foods is cheapest?

  • dried beans
  • instant rice
  • canned beans

Fruits and veggies are cheaper when bought at what time?

  • out of season
  • in season
  • only in the summer

Are frozen fruits and vegetables less nutritious than fresh?

  • yes
  • no
  • only certain fruits and veggies

What is the best reason to join a food co-op?

  • You're supporting local farmers.
  • You're eating the freshest produce available.
  • both of the above

How much protein should a person eat per day?

  • as much as you can eat
  • 8 grams per 20 pounds of body weight
  • 100 grams per day

Which of the following has the most protein?

  • 1 cup of lentils
  • 6 ounces of salmon
  • 6 ounces of porterhouse steak

Which of the following is the cheapest cut of meat?

  • flank steak
  • filet mignon
  • T-bone

How can you save money and still eat meat?

  • Buy large cut of meat and slide it yourself for stir-fry and kebabs.
  • Buy meat from grocery warehouse clubs.
  • both of the above

Which is the cheapest kind of ground meat?

  • ground chuck
  • ground turkey
  • ground sirloin

Which is a good cooking method for tougher cuts of beef?

  • grilling
  • braising
  • stir-fry

Should you buy all your food as organic?

  • yes
  • no
  • only for certain foods

Which of the following is NOT a good choice to cook and freeze for eating later?

  • soups
  • casseroles
  • egg dishes

If you want a salad, which of the following is cheaper?

  • making salad from scratch
  • buying a salad kit

How can you help others eat healthy on a budget without breaking your bank?

  • Buy extra food to donate.
  • Volunteer at a food co-op.
  • Host a potluck supper with friends and family.