The Ultimate Growing Kids Room Quiz
by Staff
Before you realized that your child has become a tween, the reality hits home. Your budding tween just approached you to complain that his or her bedroom is for babies and you must change it. You reassure your child with a smile and a hug before heading to your best ally, HowStuffWorks. Take our growing kids room quiz before heading out to the store with your new tween.

What is the most common term in use today that describes kids heading into adolescence?

  • prepubescent
  • preteen
  • tween

What is generally accepted as essential for a tween?

  • the latest electronics
  • a private bathroom
  • a hangout spot

What is important to keep in mind when designing a bedroom for your tween?

  • flexibility
  • pastels
  • carpets

A tween is generally defined as a child between the ages of:

  • 7 and 11 years
  • 8 and 12 years
  • 10 and 13 years

Approximately how many tweens are there in the United States?

  • eight million
  • 15 million
  • 20 million

When choosing furniture for a new tween, what is the best way to go?

  • Choose items that it will be easy to repaint.
  • Choose items designed so that stickers and decals can be easily removed.

What is the best choice to provide extra storage space?

  • Invest in a good quality modular wall unit.
  • Wall mounted adjustable shelving is a wise choice.
  • A couple of solid but basic bookshelves will do the trick.

What is an important fact to keep in mind when furnishing a bedroom for your tween?

  • Keep furniture to a minimum, leaving a lot of space for friends to hang out.
  • Your tween will require plenty of storage space.
  • Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting so the inevitable spills can be easily cleaned up.

What should you keep in mind when you help your tweens decorate their walls?

  • Buy dry-strippable wallpaper, as you will need to change it often.
  • Paint walls with high-gloss enamel pastels so it is easy to wash or remove decals.
  • Stick with paint finishes that are easy to repaint and spice it up with wall decals.

What is the best option for allowing tweens to express their artistic flare?

  • Provide poster frames of various sizes so they can hang their posters.
  • Make a corkboard wall or install cork bulletin bars on the walls.
  • Provide a large container of stickpins to tack up their choices.

The percentage of kids that drink alcohol:

  • increases slightly between grades four and six
  • doubles between grades four and six
  • triples between grades four and six

What is the secret for adding room accessories for a tween?

  • fun and flexible
  • colorful and trendy
  • sturdy and durable

What is a good choice to provide seating when friends come over to do homework and have fun?

  • stackable tables and chairs
  • card table and folding chairs
  • beanbag chairs and huge pillows

Historically retailers have:

  • catered to male and female tweens equally
  • catered mainly to female tweens
  • catered mainly to male tweens

What is a major influence that inspires male tweens' decorating choices?

  • sports and gaming
  • advertising on music and movie channels
  • his friends’ rooms

What is a major influence that inspires female tweens' decorating choices?

  • her friends’ rooms
  • a trip to the mall
  • reality shows

What is one design idea that you can employ for tween boys to help them express themselves?

  • Install a wall-mounted flat screen television.
  • Mount a full-length mirror on the back of his bedroom door.
  • Provide a display area for his favorite collection or sports memorabilia.

What is one area where you can easily allow tweens to express their changing tastes?

  • bed-in-bag-themed bedding
  • full wall photomurals
  • poster paints and a white wall

What types of décor are girl tweens likely to prefer in their room?

  • trendy movie-themed
  • matching colors and patterns
  • funky contrasts

What is generally considered an essential accessory in your tween girl’s room?

  • Provide a secret spot to hide away her diary and other personal items.
  • Provide her with strategically placed mirrors.
  • Provide a locked storage area for her dolls and other seldom-used toys.