Quiz: Do you know the Benefits of Gutter Guards?
by Staff
Blocked gutters are a nuisance. You can save yourself the hassle of climbing a ladder to clear out the built-up debris and gunk by installing gutter guards. Take this quiz to learn more about different types of gutter guards and see which is best for you.

In what season are your gutters most likely to become blocked?

  • autumn
  • summer
  • winter

How useful are gutter guards?

  • They totally eliminate the need to clean the gutters.
  • They reduce the number of times you need to clean the gutters.
  • They make your gutters resistant to only large twigs.

How does the "reverse curve" gutter guard stop leaves from entering the gutter?

  • It reverses the flow of the water.
  • It is closed except for a tiny slit.
  • It curves upward collecting water.

What type of gutter guard uses a material with small holes to sift out debris?

  • barbed wire
  • cotton
  • mesh

What size holes are recommended on a mesh gutter guard?

  • small
  • medium
  • large

How does a bottle brush gutter guard stop debris from entering the gutter?

  • The bristles catch debris.
  • The bristles scare away birds.
  • The bristles clean out the built-up debris in the gutter.

When are nylon gutter guards especially useful?

  • summer
  • winter
  • autumn

How do "non-gutter covers" get their name?

  • They replace the gutter.
  • They hide the gutter.
  • They don't actually attach to the gutter.

What material can be fit into the gutter to prevent debris from entering?

  • cotton balls
  • polystyrene
  • foam

How can you save money when installing a gutter guard?

  • Buy the first gutter guard you see.
  • Install the gutter guard yourself.
  • Clean the gutters regularly instead of using a guard.