Gym Etiquette Quiz
by Staff
Do you even lift? Hey, no big deal if not! The gym is a place for newbies and vein-popping enthusiasts alike. Take this quiz so you can learn -- or brush up -- on the unspoken rules of the gym.

Before you even walk into the gym, what should you make sure to avoid wearing for a work out?

  • perfumes and colognes
  • revealing gym clothes
  • dirty sneakers

Sure, nobody can tell you what to wear -- but what is one kind of clothing that might not be well-suited to a hardcore workout?

  • cotton
  • synthetic or polyester
  • denim

What is one way to avoid conversation at the gym?

  • glowering
  • wearing headphones
  • closing your eyes in fake concentration every time someone comes over to you

The squat rack is for:

  • bicep curls and squats
  • squats and just kinda watching yourself in the mirror
  • Squats. Period.

What is one thing you should do in the free-weight mirrors?

  • apply bronzer
  • check your form
  • flex your rippling muscles

If you're on a weight machine and someone is waiting for it, you should:

  • ignore them
  • stop lifting
  • Do a reasonable amount of reps, and then let someone else step in.

Is it cool to ask someone how much they lift?

  • no
  • perhaps
  • yes

Guys, is it cool to comment on a woman's body at the gym?

  • Sure; everyone is there to focus on their body anyway.
  • As long as you're being complimentary, it's fine.
  • No. Nope, no, never.

But what if you're just trying to tell her she looks strong, fit or healthy?

  • Oh, in that case -- sure!
  • Totally fine, you're not a creep!
  • No.

The proper time to wipe down a machine is:

  • before your workout
  • after your workout
  • both

Workouts should be:

  • silent
  • as quiet as possible
  • Hey, it's a gym -- make a racket.

So there are twelve empty ellipticals and one that's occupied. Which do you choose?

  • the one farthest away from the occupied equipment
  • one that isn't directly next to the occupied machine
  • the one right next to the occupied one

You can save a machine by:

  • calling dibs
  • licking it
  • You cannot save a machine.

You're in the weight room, lifting a ton. (Or like 20 pounds.) To show your mad skill, you:

  • drop the weights dramatically
  • set the weights gently down and glare
  • try to be careful about dropping the big weights, but it depends on the gym

Now let's head to fitness class. When choosing a buddy for partner exercises, do:

  • decline and do everything solo
  • be easygoing, and buddy up with whomever is nearby
  • ignore an assigned partner and ask the instructor to personally show you the moves

Watching fitness classes you're not participating in is:

  • totally fine
  • kind of creepy, and not welcome
  • almost as good as being in the class itself

Filling your water bottle up at the fountain is:

  • no problem
  • inappropriate -- do it at a sink
  • for weaklings

Wearing a bikini or swimming briefs at the pool is:

  • horrifying
  • fine
  • encouraged

You should wipe down:

  • machines
  • benches or weights you touch
  • both

If you'd like to do sets with multiple weights, you should:

  • grab all the weights you need
  • still grab one weight at a time
  • don't

It's lap swimming time! What do you do if you're sharing a lane?

  • keep on opposite sides
  • stay behind the other person
  • try to stay in front of the other person

An important call is coming in while you're on the treadmill. You:

  • push pause and answer it
  • ignore it and hope your house isn't on fire
  • step off into a hallway or quiet corner to answer

If you're asked to spot someone:

  • yell encouragement the entire time
  • goad them into doing more reps
  • You're just making sure they're safe.

Swearing at the gym:

  • is part of the fun, grown-up atmosphere
  • is inappropriate
  • is punishable by revoked membership

Oh look -- that guy's rowing-machine form is way off. Tell him:

  • exactly what he's doing wrong
  • nothing, unless he asks
  • he's doing great and could win a medal

You see a person who looks overweight working out at the gym. You should:

  • give them encouragement and commend them for doing something for their health
  • do and say absolutely nothing
  • watch to make sure they don't hurt themselves

Ready for the locker room? Showering is best done:

  • with shorts on
  • naked
  • showering at the gym is only for exhibitionists

But showers at the gym needn't include:

  • soap
  • shampoo
  • grooming beyond soap and shampoo

Leave what at home?

  • perfumes and colognes
  • towels
  • shower shoes

You see a newbie at the gym, trying to figure out a machine. You should:

  • ask if they need some help
  • ignore at all costs
  • loudly talk about how this gym is getting weak