The Hannibal Lecter Quiz
by Staff
Think all there is to Hannibal Lecter is liver recipes and that creepy face mask? See if you can develop an accurate psychological profile of "Hannibal the Cannibal" with this delicious quiz.

Why is Hannibal always securely restrained, including his face, when he is transported?

  • He requested the restraints to help him contain his homicidal urges.
  • He once brutally assaulted and maimed a nurse just using his mouth.
  • He can pick locks with his teeth.

What was the nickname of the first serial killer Lecter helped the FBI track down?

  • Buffalo Bill
  • the Tooth Fairy
  • the Milkman

What physical anomaly was Lecter born with?

  • a sixth finger on one hand
  • a cleft palate
  • a club foot

While a fugitive in France, what name does Lecter use when he is hired as a museum curator?

  • Monsieur Méchant
  • Dr. Fell
  • Stanley Martell

What is Lecter's profession when he's not in prison?

  • rare art dealer
  • concert pianist
  • psychiatrist

Why does Lecter kill the flautist in the Baltimore Philharmonic Orchestra?

  • The flautist inadvertently insults Lecter's sister.
  • He can't stand the flautist's poor playing.
  • The flautist owes Lecter money.

What does Mason Verger plan to do to Lecter?

  • Remove all the skin from his body while keeping him alive.
  • Allow a pack of trained hogs to tear him apart and eat him.
  • Brainwash him so he will act as Verger's manservant.

What meal does Lecter infamously serve to Paul Krendler?

  • Krendler's own partially dissected brains.
  • A stew made from Krendler's wife's organs.
  • Liver with fava beans and a thoughtful wine pairing.

What incident is the origin of Lecter's mental state and interest in cannibalism?

  • He saw a documentary about animals that sometimes eat their own kind to preserve scarce resources.
  • He saw the movie "Cannibal Ferox" in 1983 in a dingy Times Square theater.
  • He witnessed his sister killed and eaten by Lithuanian militia at the end of World War II (and may have unknowingly eaten some of her himself).

What country was Hannibal Lecter born in?

  • England
  • Lithuania
  • the United States

How did Lecter kill fellow prisoner Miggs after Miggs was rude to Clarice Starling?

  • He convinced Miggs that Miggs could fly, encouraging him to jump off the roof of the prison.
  • He convinced Miggs to swallow his own tongue.
  • He rewired the prison electrical system so that Miggs' bed electrocuted him.

How does Lecter escape the courthouse during the Buffalo Bill case?

  • He steals a police helicopter.
  • He is taken away in an ambulance while disguised as an injured cop.
  • He holds the senator hostage until he's given a car and a bag of money.

In the movie version of "Silence of the Lambs," Lecter gives the FBI the name "Louis Friend" as Buffalo Bill's real identity. What is this an anagram for?

  • fluoride sin
  • iron sulfide
  • sinful doer, I

Why does Lecter commit his first murder, of a butcher?

  • The butcher is rude to Lecter's aunt.
  • The butcher is a patient of Lecter's, and Lecter finds him boring.
  • The butcher is a known pedophile.

How are Lecter's parents killed?

  • His father murders his mother, then hangs himself.
  • They die in the resulting explosion when Nazis destroy a Russian tank.
  • They are killed and eaten by 12-year-old Hannibal.

What body part was the first that Lecter ever intentionally ate?

  • liver
  • thigh meat
  • cheeks

What became of the men who killed and ate Lecter's sister?

  • Lecter tracked them all down and killed them.
  • Lecter framed them for various crimes, and they were all imprisoned.
  • Lecter left them all severely disfigured and disabled, but only killed one (accidentally).

In what city was the last of these men in when Lecter found and killed him?

  • Montreal
  • Paris
  • Baltimore

What is the Tooth Fairy murderer's real name?

  • Gary Oates
  • Stephan Potemkin
  • Francis Dolarhyde

Why is Dolarhyde called the Tooth Fairy?

  • He pulls teeth from his victim's mouths and leaves silver dollars wedged in their jaws.
  • Although he is not a cannibal, Dolarhyde has an obsession with biting his victims with a special set of false teeth.
  • He sneaks into the rooms of young children at night.

Dolarhyde's murders are inspired by a painting called "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun." Who painted it?

  • Hannibal Lecter
  • William Blake
  • Franz Anton Maulbertsch

How does Lecter lead Dolarhyde to FBI agent Graham?

  • He sends him coded messages in a tabloid called the "Tattler."
  • He calls Dolarhyde from the prison phone.
  • He manipulates Graham into accidentally revealing his address in a TV interview.

Where did Hannibal Lecter receive his medical degree?

  • Princeton
  • Riga Stradiņš University
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Center

Who eats Mason Verger's face?

  • Verger's dog
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Verger's pigs

What is Buffalo Bill's real name?

  • Jamie Gumb
  • Jacob Raphaeli
  • Scott Angeli

Why was Lecter imprisoned and not given the death penalty when he was apprehended for his murders near Baltimore?

  • He was found insane and confined to a prison for the criminally insane instead of execution.
  • While serving as his own lawyer, he put on a brilliant defense and avoided the death penalty.
  • He threatened the district attorney's family, so the DA refused to seek the death penalty.

What happens to Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter at the end of the "Hannibal" TV series?

  • They are arrested together and accused of being partners in a series of serial killings.
  • Graham throws them both off the edge of a cliff.
  • They are in a car together when Graham floors the accelerator heading toward a bridge pier.

What is different about the character of Freddie Loundes in the TV series "Hannibal" compared to the film and novel versions?

  • The TV version is killed by Lecter instead of by Dolarhyde.
  • The TV version works for the "Washington Post" instead of a tabloid.
  • Loundes is a woman in the TV series, while previous versions of the character have been men.

How does Lecter first meet FBI agent Will Graham in the TV series?

  • Graham becomes one of Lecter's patients after Graham's daughter is killed by a serial killer.
  • Lecter is assigned to provide a psychiatric evaluation of Graham while Graham hunts another serial killer.
  • Lecter is a suspect in a case Graham is working.

What fate is implied for Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in the "Hannibal" series finale?

  • She kills Lecter and escapes to South America.
  • She is arrested by the FBI and brought to trial.
  • She ends up with Lecter and is somehow made to eat her own leg.