Military Tactics: The Hannibal Quiz
by Staff
Long before "The Silence of the Lambs," the name Hannibal struck fear into the hearts of people around the world thanks to the ancient warrior Hannibal Barca. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of his achievements, failures and legacy.

What year did future military leader Hannibal Barca enter the world?

  • 747 B.C.E.
  • 247 B.C.E.
  • 347 C.E.

What country is Carthage a part of today?

  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • Tunisia

What city did Hannibal dedicate his life to destroying?

  • Rome
  • Constantinople
  • Cairo

How old was Hannibal when he was appointed head of the Carthaginian army?

  • 16
  • 26
  • 36

What war did Hannibal start in 219 B.C.E.?

  • Second Punic War
  • Crusades
  • Battle of Siffin

How long did it take Hannibal to conquer Saguntum?

  • eight days
  • eight weeks
  • eight months

What Roman general did Hannibal battle throughout the Second Punic War?

  • Caesar
  • Scipio
  • Antiochus

Gaul is located in this modern-day country.

  • Spain
  • France
  • Tunisia

How long did it take Hannibal to cross the Alps?

  • 15 days
  • 150 days
  • 15 months

How many troops did Hannibal take with him on his march across the Alps?

  • 20,000
  • 50,000
  • 100,000

What surprising creature did Hannibal take on his march across the Alps?

  • elephants
  • tigers
  • monkeys

How many of the elephants survived the treacherous mountain crossing?

  • none
  • less than a dozen
  • all of them

How close did Hannibal actually get to the city of Rome?

  • 300 miles (483 kilometers)
  • 30 miles
  • 3 miles

What happened to Hannibal at Cannae?

  • He died.
  • He was captured.
  • He defeated a much larger army.

How many men did the Romans lose at Cannae?

  • 500
  • 5,000
  • 50,000

How did the Romans scare away Hannibal's elephants?

  • fire
  • rocks
  • trumpets

How many of Hannibal's elephants survived the Second Punic War?

  • none
  • one
  • all

What did Hannibal use to dissolve boulders while crossing the Alps?

  • vinegar
  • fire
  • mercury

True or false: Hannibal wasn't recognized as a hero during his lifetime.

  • true
  • false

What did Hannibal launch at enemies in an attempt at biological warfare?

  • snakes
  • smoke bombs
  • elephant dung

True or false: Hannibal was a cannibal who ate his own troops when necessary for survival.

  • true
  • false

True or false: Late in his career, Hannibal began leading battles at sea.

  • true
  • false

True or false: Hannibal had much less success at sea than he did on land.

  • true
  • false

How did Hannibal die?

  • suicide
  • died in battle
  • natural causes

How did Scipio draw Hannibal's forces away from Rome during the Second Punic War?

  • He captured Hannibal.
  • He killed Hannibal's wife.
  • He attacked northern Africa.

Where did the Romans enjoy a decided victory against Hannibal in the Second Punic War?

  • Zama
  • Turino
  • Corsica

How many of Hannibal's troops died at Zama?

  • 2,000
  • 20,000
  • 200,000

What happened to Carthage after the Second Punic War?

  • It was razed to the ground.
  • It was taken under Roman rule.
  • It lost all its territories.

What happened to Hannibal immediately after the war?

  • He was imprisoned.
  • He got a government job.
  • He fled to France.

True or false: Even today, no one knows exactly how Hannibal crossed the Alps.

  • true
  • false