The Hardest Words to Spell Quiz
by Staff
These words trip everybody up. When it comes to these tricky terms, sounds can be deceiving. Take this quiz to find out if you're a spelling ace.

A period of 1,000 years:

  • millennium
  • millenium
  • milennium

A cocktail made of rum, lime juice and sugar:

  • daiquiri
  • dacquiri
  • daquiri

To recall the past:

  • reminisce
  • reminise
  • reminice

To accept, comply or submit tacitly or passively:

  • acquiesce
  • acquiess
  • aquiesce

A tropical plant that has red or purple flowers:

  • bouganvillea
  • bougainvillea
  • bouganvilla

A flower or bouquet worn in a buttonhole:

  • boutoniere
  • boutinere
  • boutonniere

The buttocks:

  • derierre
  • derriere
  • deriair

A difference between two opposite things:

  • dichotomy
  • dicotomy
  • dychotomy

An officer in the Army, Navy or Air Force with a fairly low rank:

  • lietenant
  • liutenant
  • lieutenant

A bright reddish-purple color:

  • fuchsia
  • fuschia
  • fushia

Producing light when electricity flows through a tube that is filled with a type of gas:

  • flourescent
  • fluorescent
  • florescent

An expression used to give praise, joy or thanks:

  • hallaluja
  • hallelujah
  • hallalujah

Foods served in small portions before the main part of a meal:

  • hors d'oeuvres
  • hors d'ouvres
  • hors d'eouvres

Something (such as a word, sentence or song) that helps you remember something (such as a rule or a list of names):

  • mnemonic
  • neumonic
  • mnamonic

A person who likes and knows a lot about a subject:

  • afficionado
  • aficionado
  • aficionnado

The creation of words that imitate natural sounds:

  • onomatopoeia
  • onomatopeia
  • onomatopia

A large ape with very long arms and reddish-brown hair:

  • orangutan
  • orangutang
  • urangutan

To make a judgment about something:

  • gauge
  • guage
  • gage

Not moving; staying in one place or position:

  • stationary
  • stationery
  • stationarie

A plant with large red, pink or white leaves:

  • poinsettia
  • poinsetta
  • pointsetta

A mixture of dried flower petals, leaves and spices used to make a room smell pleasant:

  • potpourri
  • popourri
  • popouri

A place where people agree to meet at a particular time:

  • rendevous
  • rendezvous
  • randezvous

Military activity in which soldiers, aircraft, etc. are sent to find information on the enemy:

  • reconnaissance
  • reconasence
  • reconnassance

All of the songs that a performer or group of performers knows and can perform:

  • repertoire
  • repetoire
  • repartoire

An officer of low rank in the army or marines:

  • sergeant
  • sargent
  • sargeant

A person whose job is to take care of sheep:

  • shepherd
  • shepard
  • sheperd

A person who helps organizations or groups to work together:

  • liaison
  • liason
  • laison

A person whose job is to drive people around in a car:

  • chauffeur
  • chauffuer
  • chouffeur

A large flying animal that lived when dinosaurs were alive:

  • pterodactyl
  • teridactyl
  • terradactal

To make or have room for:

  • accommodate
  • accomodate
  • acommodate