Hardwood Flooring Quiz
by Staff
Hardwood flooring can bring joy to your home and put bounce in your step. But beware -- neglect it and it might be the bane of your home's existence. See if you can keep your shine (and pride) with this hardwood flooring quiz.

What is the best approach regarding wooden floor maintenance?

  • Save your money where you can -- fix a problem only when it arises.
  • Problem prevention is the best cure.
  • No approach is better than another -- it's a matter of personal preference.

How do grime grits affect your wooden floors?

  • They act as sandpaper and are abrasive.
  • They serve to polish the floor through chafing.
  • Surprisingly enough, they act as a protective layer.

What is the best method for keeping dirt from entering your home?

  • using mesh nettings on all entrances
  • using a blow fan that blows the dirt outward before it has a chance to settle
  • using doormats and keeping them clean

What is the American National Wood Flooring Manufacturers' Association (NOFMA) recommendation regarding entrances?

  • Decorate them with minimalist designs.
  • Put down small pieces of carpet or throw-rugs just inside them.
  • Keep them to a width of 37 inches (95 centimeters).

How often should you vacuum your wooden floors?

  • regularly, as you would carpets
  • never
  • once a year

What is the downside of using a household dust treatment on your wooden floors?

  • It would be too costly.
  • They may attract more dust.
  • They may become dull.

What must you be aware of when you vacuum your wooden floors?

  • The vacuum-cleaner wheels might scratch the floor.
  • The vacuum-cleaner may be too heavy for the floor.
  • The vacuum-cleaner cannot prevent all potential flooring problems.

You want to use a microfiber pad on your floors. Who should you consult with before you do?

  • the flooring manufacturer
  • your local state legislator
  • your spouse

What is the danger of using microfiber cleaning pads on your wooden flooring?

  • It would polish the floor so well, it would become slippery.
  • The microfibers might snag wood splinters and expose unfinished wood.
  • You would use up the pads within a short space of time.

How long does it take to cure the floor finish?

  • seven to 90 days
  • 30 to 90 days
  • 50 to 90 days

If you wanted to put down rug pads, what untreated natural fiber could you use?

  • cotton or rubber
  • wool or jute
  • flax or hemp

Which of these may attack or discolor the floor finish?

  • ¼-inch chopped urethane
  • plasticizers
  • 100-percent nonsolvent-based rubber

Why is cotton an ideal fabric for rugs?

  • It is home-grown.
  • It is light-weight.
  • It washes easily.

Is it advisable to use rugs on wooden floors near the stove?

  • Yes, because it retains the heat from the stove.
  • Yes, because this is where a lot of spillage occurs and rugs protect the area.
  • No, because it is a fire hazard.

With the effect of time, some floor finishes change color and age. What can you do about it?

  • Redo the finish periodically.
  • Move the rugs occasionally and shade the big windows from the penetrating sunlight.
  • Place vinyl runners on the floor.

How should you address spills on your wooden floors?

  • Wipe them up with a slightly damp cloth, then with a dry cloth afterward.
  • Mop them up with soapy water immediately.
  • Throw paper toweling over the affected area and allow it to absorb the offending mess.

What do boot heels have to do with wooden floors?

  • The heels should be made of a contrasting material, not wood.
  • They make a pleasant, clunky sound on the floor.
  • If the heels are damaged, they may cause damage to the floor due to protruding, sharp pieces.

You are a pet lover and you have wooden floors. What do you need to know about this glorious combination?

  • Pet claws can scratch the floor so you must regularly cut their claws.
  • The two don't mix. It's either your pets or your wooden floors but not both in the one home.
  • Pets prefer stone or vinyl floors and are quite intimidated by wooden ones.

What should you put under the table legs or chair legs to protect the flooring?

  • adhesive pads of silicon
  • either felt fabric glides or non-marking rubber casters
  • fibrous patches

How should you move older furniture with metal wheels across your wooden floor?

  • Using felt coasters underneath the wheels, slide the furniture.
  • Lift one side of the furniture and roll on one set of wheels only.
  • Enlist the assistance of three other people and lift the entire piece.