The Ultimate Hardwood Floors Quiz
by Staff
Hardwood flooring has become a very popular choice for homes and businesses. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about hardwood floor choices.

How often should hardwood floors be replaced?

  • almost never
  • every 10 years
  • every 20 years

Why are hardwood floors popular?

  • They are beautiful.
  • They are durable.
  • Both answers are correct.

How are hardwood floors installed?

  • do-it-yourself
  • professional installation
  • both the above

What is an advantage of do-it-yourself installation?

  • You won't have strangers in your home.
  • You can work at your own convenience.
  • You can save money.

How does unfinished wood differ from pre-finished wood?

  • Both types need work after installation.
  • Pre-finished wood does not need any additional labor after installation.
  • Unfinished wood needs to be finished before installation.

How does the look of parquet differ from typical hardwoods?

  • Parquet flooring is made up of geometric patterns.
  • Parquet flooring comes in narrow strips.
  • Parquet flooring comes in wide strips.

What is an advantage of engineered wood?

  • cost
  • durability
  • beauty

What color is beech?

  • brownish
  • reddish
  • yellowish

Why is cherry a poor choice for a whole floor?

  • too soft
  • too brittle
  • too expensive

Which wood is the most popular choice for U.S. homeowners?

  • cherry
  • red oak
  • birch

What is the Janka rating system?

  • a system to measure color of wood
  • a system to measure the relative hardness of wood
  • a system to measure the expense of wood

What is the purpose of finish?

  • protects from everyday wear and tear
  • gives floors color and luster
  • both the above

What happens to oil-based urethane finishes as they age?

  • yellows with age
  • fades with age
  • may wear out

How many sheen choices do finish buyers have?

  • three
  • five
  • seven

What is a disadvantage of high gloss sheen on wood floors?

  • price
  • shows scratches
  • high maintenance

What technique makes floors appear whitewashed?

  • pickling
  • antiquing
  • staining

What surface finish is most often used for commercial floors?

  • moisture-cured urethane
  • conversion varnish
  • water-based urethane

According to the Janka rating system, what wood is the hardest?

  • Brazilian cherry
  • mesquite
  • yellow pine

When should you refinish your wood floors?

  • Use the manufacture's recommendation for refinishing.
  • It is time to refinish if water poured on a worn area is quickly absorbed.
  • Every three years is the standard rule for refinishing.

What type of wood is found in laminate wood flooring?

  • none
  • pine
  • beech