Harry Potter Creature Quiz
by Staff
Do you know your creatures from your Kreacher? What about your ghosts from your ghouls? Grab your gnome by the ankles and test your knowledge of animals, beasts and beings in the wizarding world.

Let's start off easy. What kind of creature is Norbert, Hagrid's (hidden) pet?

  • dragon
  • goose
  • centaur

What pesky creatures must be regularly removed from the garden?

  • voles
  • gnomes
  • goblins

A hippogriff is part horse and part what other animal?

  • hawk
  • eagle
  • rabbit

What mythically beautiful creatures are a lot less pretty when Harry first encounters them in the "Goblet of Fire"?

  • fairies
  • unicorns
  • merpeople

Who can see thestrals?

  • kids under the age of eight
  • those who have seen death
  • non-Muggles

What language do snakes speak?

  • Slytherin
  • Ssssssspanish
  • Parseltongue

To free a house elf, their master must give them what?

  • chocolate frogs
  • clothing
  • a wand

Kreacher the house elf was loyal to who?

  • The Black Family
  • The Malfoy Family
  • Hagrid

What is the name of Dumbledore's phoenix?

  • Avery
  • Johnson
  • Fawkes

What is Harry's father's patronus?

  • doe
  • lion
  • stag

Fleur Delacour is part veela. What are veelas known for?

  • blonde hair
  • irresistible beauty
  • weird laughter

What does the blood of a unicorn do?

  • keeps you alive, but leaves you with a cursed life
  • prevents indigestion
  • destroys dementors

What magical creature had a feather in Harry Potter's wand?

  • phoenix
  • Golden Snidget
  • dragon

What creature guards the Sorcerer's Stone?

  • flying widget
  • mountain troll
  • giantess

How do you make a three-headed dog calm down?

  • rub the ears on the far right side
  • play him some music
  • tug his tail

What kind of creature is Buckbeak?

  • griffin
  • eagle
  • hippogriff

What kind of owl is Hedwig?

  • snowy owl
  • barn owl
  • double disappearing owl

Who does Hermione's cat hate?

  • Scabbers, Ron's rat
  • Harry
  • Ron

What is the Weasley family's owl named?

  • Danny
  • Trevor
  • Errol

Who is Firenze?

  • house elf
  • centaur
  • George Weasley's pet

Who is Nagini?

  • a Gringott's guard
  • a Diagon Ally merchant
  • Voldemort's snake (and a horcrux)

What creature does NOT guard Gringotts?

  • dragons
  • spiders
  • goblins

What is the name of the giant spider that threatens to feed Ron and Harry to his children?

  • Aragog
  • Eragorn
  • Arachnegor

Who could control the Serpent of Slytherin?

  • Tom Riddle
  • Harry Potter
  • Severus Snape

What kind of skrewt does Harry encounter in the third task of the Triwizard Tournament?

  • a blast-ended skrewt
  • a blind skrewt
  • a whacking skrewt

Who gives Harry an inscrutable riddle during the Triwizard Tournament?

  • Cedric Diggory
  • a small child
  • a sphinx

What shape does a boggart take on?

  • winged serpents
  • whatever each of us fears the most
  • a ghostly mist

What lives in the Weasleys' attic, keeping Ron up at night?

  • a noisy ghoul
  • a squealing bat
  • a flustered ghost

Who can become a ghost?

  • a person whose death came violently
  • a Dark Arts practitioner
  • a wizard

Who is Gurg?

  • leader of the Giants
  • Ministry of Magic Chief of Security
  • Neville Longbottom's distant relation