The Ultimate Hawaii Family Vacations Quiz
by Staff
Hawaii -- the land of sunshine, sandy beaches, cool breezes, palm trees, thundering surf and luaus! Ah, wouldn't you want a vacation there? Well, before you take off, take this quiz. It's definitely a breeze!

The USS Arizona Memorial in Oahu commemorates what battle?

  • the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg
  • the 1889 Wilcox Rebellion
  • the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor

In the shrine room in the USS Arizona Memorial, there is a long list of names. Whose names?

  • those killed on the battleship Arizona
  • U.S. generals who died while serving duty
  • those killed in the 9/11 attacks on America

If you don't know how to surf, what facilities are available at Waikiki Beach?

  • You can initiate a project whereby surfing is taught at Waikiki.
  • You can take surfing lessons.
  • You need to go to another beach for lessons; there are none at Waikiki.

What is the name of the volcanic crater at Waikiki?

  • Wolf's Head Crater
  • Waikiki Crater
  • Diamond Head Crater

How long is the sandy shore of Waikiki Beach?

  • two miles (3.2 kilometers)
  • three miles (4.8 kilometers)
  • four miles (6.4 kilometers)

What is so special about Oahu's surf waves?

  • their color
  • their lack of height
  • their towering height

At what time of year is the Vans Triple Crown surfing contest held?

  • from early May to late June
  • from early November to late December
  • from early January to late February

Why is the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational organized at the last minute?

  • because of the fighting between the competitors
  • because they wait until the waves are high enough
  • because the organizers can't get their act together in time

Where can you get a glimpse of Hawaii's North Shore big waves?

  • Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach
  • Bondi Beach and Brighton Beach
  • Polynesia Beach and Hawaii Bay

Which of these nations are represented at the Polynesian Cultural Center?

  • Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti
  • Barbados, the Philippines and Malaysia
  • Peru, Laos and Bangladesh

If you want to get around the Polynesian Cultural Center, how can you go?

  • by motorbike or by donkey
  • by jeep or by paragliding
  • on foot over bridges or by canoe along lagoons

After a fantastic day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, what happens?

  • a swimming competition
  • a luau
  • a coconut picking party

Which canyon was termed the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" by author Mark Twain?

  • Waimea Canyon
  • Blue Ridge Canyon
  • Widow's Peak Canyon

You can see Waimea Canyon from the air. What is a common way to do so?

  • hot air balloon
  • parachute
  • helicopter

What is Maui's Kapalua Beach considered to be?

  • the hottest beach for miles around
  • the best beach for surfing
  • the best beach in Hawaii

Sometimes you see mother whales birthing in the Kapaluan Beach waters. When they are ready, where do the mother and calf swim to?

  • the Southern Ocean
  • the Arctic waters
  • the Mediterranean

You've always been taught that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain peak in the world. With reference to Mauna Loa, how is this incorrect?

  • Mauna Loa is the tallest volcano, but they don't usually count that as a mountain peak, so Everest is considered taller.
  • Mauna Loa is actually taller above its sister peaks than Mount Everest is.
  • Its base is deep down the ocean floor, so from base to top, Mauna Loa is taller.

Is it true that people flock to the volcanic rim of Mokuaweoweo to see it erupting?

  • Yes!
  • Hardly -- it's too dangerous!

Who are the Hanakapi'ai Falls named after?

  • a Hawaiian princess
  • a Hawaiian chieftain
  • an explorer

If you want to reach the Hanakapi'ai Falls, you can take the Kalalua Trail. Where does it start from?

  • Ke'e Beach
  • Hanakapi'ai Valley
  • Maui Bay