He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Quiz
by Staff
Hurry! Skeletor has imprisoned Prince Adam and taken control of Castle Grayskull! Only you can defeat him by answering all the questions in this He-Man and the Masters of the Universe quiz!

To transform, Prince Adam holds up his sword and says, "By the power of…"

  • "Eternia!"
  • "She-Ra!"
  • "Grayskull!"

Battle Cat's weaker form is known as…

  • Spot
  • Slinker
  • Cringer

Who is the mystical keeper of Castle Grayskull's power?

  • King Randor
  • Teela Na
  • Prince Adam

Which action figure featured a pine-fresh scent?

  • Beast Man
  • Moss Man
  • Orko

Which hero would you call if you needed to get through a locked door in a hurry?

  • Snout Spout
  • Ram Man
  • Mer-Man

In "He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special," Orko's spaceship goes awry and crashes on what planet?

  • Earth
  • Eternia
  • Jupiter

If you were standing in the throne room of the Castle Grayskull playset, what might happen to you if someone twisted the throne?

  • A suit of armor would fall on you.
  • You'd fall through a trap door.
  • You'd be granted the power of Grayskull.

What is Skeletor's base of operations called?

  • Snake Mountain
  • Hordehome
  • Fort Skeletor

In some versions of He-Man continuity, King Randor's half-brother Keldor became …

  • Skeletor
  • Prince Adam
  • Man-E-Faces

Who did Man-at-Arms adopt?

  • Teela
  • Prince Adam
  • Cringer

Clawful is part man, part…

  • cockroach
  • lobster
  • crab

Moss Man wasn't the only scented action figure. Which villain is notorious for his stinky toy?

  • Stencho
  • Stinkor
  • Tri-Klops

Scare Glow is notable for what reason?

  • The paint used to make the action figure glow was found to be radioactive.
  • He is a 200-foot tall space god who created Eternia.
  • The Scare Glow action figure is the most valuable He-Man figure due to its rarity.

What happened at the end of every "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" episode?

  • Skeletor wrote in his journal.
  • Viewers were shown a phone number they could call to order limited edition action figures.
  • One of the heroes imparted a simple moral lesson to the viewers.

What is the name of Skeletor's cat ally?

  • Evilcat
  • Panthor
  • Lion-O

What race is Orko?

  • Orkan
  • Trollan
  • Mokran

What is the name of Prince Adam's twin sister?

  • Adora
  • Bella
  • Evil-Lyn

Who is Prince Adam's father, King Randor, married to?

  • Queen Marlena
  • Queen Jaclyn
  • Queen Sun Dancer

Where is Hordak's base of operations?

  • the Terror Realm
  • the Fright Zone
  • the Dark Dimension

What special ability did the Kobra Khan action figure have?

  • Its limbs could be stretched.
  • It could spray water from its mouth like a tiny spray bottle.
  • It extruded green slime from its arms.

Which of these was NOT an actual He-Man character?

  • Clamp Champ
  • Drill Face
  • Fisto

What happened when you twisted the waist of the Mekanek action figure?

  • His head spun quickly around.
  • His goggles extended as if he were looking far away.
  • His neck extended, lifting his head like a periscope.

What city is the capital of Eternia?

  • Dominia
  • Callaphas
  • Eternos

On what planet does She-Ra lead the Great Rebellion against Hordak?

  • Argax 5
  • Eternia
  • Etheria

What is the name of She-Ra's pegasus/unicorn companion?

  • Swift Wind
  • Starlight
  • Battle Horse

The two moons of Eternia are Bright Moon and…

  • Phantos
  • Shadow Moon
  • Grell

What is the falcon Zoar's true identity?

  • Evil-Lyn
  • Solar Thunder, a celestial eagle that guards the Crystal Palace
  • the Sorceress Teela Na

Man-E-Faces' three faces are a man, a monster and…

  • a wolf
  • a robot
  • Skeletor

Hordak answers to the ruler of the Intergalactic Horde. What is that ruler's name?

  • Paul
  • Hordus Maximus
  • Horde Prime

What exaggerated feature did the action figure Sssqueeze have?

  • a tongue that was long enough to coil around his shoulders
  • a mouth that could open massively wide
  • ridiculously long arms