The Ultimate Healthy Kids Quiz
by Staff
It's a parents responsibility to raise healthy children. A daunting task to say the least! Children are at risk of obesity more than ever, primarily as a result of unhealthy eating habits and limited exercise. Take this quiz and learn how you can raise a healthy kid.

What is a budget friendly way to increase your child's physical activity?

  • hopscotch
  • playing tag
  • both of the above

When grocery shopping you should:

  • always come prepared with a list
  • stick to the perimeters of the store
  • both of the above

How can you promote your child's motivation to succeed?

  • Set goals for your child.
  • Provide your child with rewards.
  • both of the above

How can you teach your child about nutrition?

  • Get your child involved with cooking.
  • Buy kid-friendly cookbooks
  • both of the above

What is a benefit of having your child cook with you in the kitchen?

  • It's a bonding opportunity.
  • Your child may be more likely to eat his/her healthy creations.
  • both of the above

How can you make your child's television watching less sedentary and more active?

  • Make your child watch workout videos.
  • Find programs that send a positive message about physical activity.
  • both of the above

How can you encourage healthy snacking?

  • Put your foot down and ban unhealthy food in the home.
  • Eat healthy yourself.
  • both of the above

Use family dinner time as an opportunity to:

  • learn something new about health
  • discuss family weight loss problems
  • both of the above

How can you get the most out of your child's doctor's appointment?

  • Go to a doctor's appointment prepared.
  • Ask for two back-to-back appointments.
  • both of the above

What is the best way to make sure your child gets an hour of physical activity each day?

  • Wake up an hour early each morning for planned exercise programs.
  • Incorporate small amounts of activity throughout the day.
  • Register your child for at least two organized sports.