The Ultimate Helping Your Kids through the Day Quiz
by Staff
Raising children may be the hardest job you will ever do. Use some of these tips to make life easier for everyone. Take this quiz to learn more about how to help your child through the days.

When are children more likely to misbehave?

  • bored
  • frustrated
  • both answers

What may help a child to be occupied and better behaved?

  • find fun activities for children to engage with
  • find boring activities for children to engage with
  • find activities that are beyond their age level

Painting is so messy. What is a cleaner alternative?

  • crayons
  • modeling clay
  • pastels

How can water be fun for toddlers?

  • supply a big bowl of water
  • use plastic cups to play and pour
  • both answers

How can you put together a fun and easy tea party for your children?

  • invite all the teddy bears
  • use plastic cups or an inexpensive tea set
  • both answers

How can you encourage your child to play?

  • join in the fun
  • show your child that their activity is important
  • both answers

What is an inexpensive "toy" that your child can enjoy for hours?

  • big empty box
  • video game
  • public address system

How can you extend bath time into play time?

  • bath toys
  • plastic cups
  • both answers

How do young children discover the world?

  • touching
  • tasting
  • both answers

How should you childproof your home?

  • use electric outlet covers
  • store breakable items safely
  • both answers

How can you encourage independence?

  • choose their own clothing
  • choose their own meals
  • choose their own bedtime

What is positive reinforcement?

  • praising good behavior
  • criticizing poor behavior
  • neither answer

What sentence is the best one to get your child to clean up?

  • "Clean up your toys, please."
  • "Why do you always make such a mess?"
  • "Can't you play nicely?"

What may start children using raised voices?

  • raised voices of parents
  • raised voices of teachers
  • raised voices of friends

What should you do when you say "no" to your child?

  • explain why
  • never change your mind
  • later say yes

If your child has trouble sharing toys with friends, what may help?

  • put your child's favorite toy away
  • don't invite friends over
  • yell at your child

What should you do if your child hurts a friend?

  • separate the children
  • discuss what happened
  • both answers

How can you help a child with bedtime fears?

  • ignore their fears
  • chase the scary thoughts out of their bedroom
  • let the child watch scary videos

What may help you to cope with your kids?

  • take a break
  • hire a sitter
  • both answers

Where can you get great ideas to help cope with your children?

  • talk to other parents
  • talk to family members
  • both answers