The Henry VIII Quiz
by Staff
Did Henry the Eighth really get married to the widow next door? Had she been married seven times before? Nope, not even close. This quiz is about the real monarch, who sparked a religious revolution and a succession crises. Oh yeah, he also had a few wives.

Who was Henry VIII's father?

  • Henry VII
  • Edward II
  • John I

Henry became heir to the crown:

  • as the firstborn son
  • when his older brother died
  • after a bloody revolution

The young Henry could be described as physically:

  • borderline obese
  • tall and athletic
  • unusually short

Henry married Catherine of Aragon, who had previously been married to …

  • the king of Spain
  • his father
  • his brother

When did Henry ascend the throne?

  • 1501
  • 1509
  • 1520

By most accounts, Catherine and Henry's early marriage was:

  • marked largely by a complete lack of contact
  • extremely stormy
  • happy

Catherine's only surviving child was:

  • Elizabeth
  • Mary
  • Arthur

An important early counselor for Henry was Thomas Wolsey. What was Wosley's position?

  • cardinal
  • prime minister
  • personal priest

What caused Henry's disillusionment with Catherine?

  • a big fight they had about finances
  • his love for Anne Boleyn
  • the lack of male heir

How did Henry convince himself (and attempt to convince the pope) that his marriage should be annulled?

  • The vows were never spoken clearly enough.
  • The marriage was never consummated.
  • It was against biblical law to marry your brother's widow.

Henry also had a strong advisor in Thomas More. What were More's most pressing concerns?

  • More wanted to raise taxes.
  • More wanted England to become Protestant.
  • More wanted England to stay Catholic.

What advisor finally succeeded in helping Henry get his divorce -- by separating England from the Catholic church?

  • Thomas More
  • Thomas Cromwell
  • Thomas Boleyn

What other Cromwell policy did Henry benefit from?

  • The monastic holdings were transferred to the crown.
  • He made sure the king could divorce without cause.
  • He named Henry King of Ireland.

Henry married Anne Boleyn in 1533. How long did the marriage last?

  • three weeks
  • three years
  • seven years

Why did Henry pursue divorce with Anne Boleyn?

  • She had produced no male heir.
  • He heard she was having affairs.
  • both, but probably the first one more than anything

Anne was executed in May 1536. When did Henry marry Jane Seymour, his third wife?

  • May 1536
  • September 1536
  • May 1537

Jane gave Henry a male heir, but their marriage ended a bit more than a year after their marriage due to what?

  • rumors of Jane's adultery
  • Jane's death after childbirth
  • the baby died soon after

Three years after Jane's death, Henry married Anne of Cleves -- a strategic move designed to what?

  • to rule the Netherlands
  • to unify Ireland
  • unite Protestant leaders against the Catholic powers in France and the Holy Roman Empire

Unfortunately, Henry divorced Anne just six months afterwards because of what?

  • He didn't think she was as pretty as her picture.
  • He fell in love with someone else.
  • She confessed she was barren.

Who else was a casualty of Anne of Cleves and Henry's marriage?

  • Thomas Cromwell
  • Princess Mary
  • Anne of Cleve's brother

After the Anne of Cleves disaster, Henry rebounded with whom?

  • Catherin Parr
  • Catherine Howard
  • Anne Hathaway

What was Catherine Howard's crime?

  • adultery
  • impurity before marriage
  • heresy against the Church of England

By Catherine's death in 1542, Henry was increasingly:

  • unhealthy
  • unpredictable
  • both

Catherine Parr married Henry in 1543. How did their marriage end?

  • with another divorce
  • with Catherine executed for treason
  • with Henry's death in 1547

So all in all: How many wives did Henry VIII have?

  • six
  • seven
  • eight

What wives of Henry survived him?

  • Catherine Parr
  • Anne of Cleves
  • both

Henry died in 1547. Who succeeded him on the throne?

  • Edward VI
  • Elizabeth I
  • Mary I

What was Henry's last name?

  • Tudor
  • Windsor
  • Cambridge

Henry had one illegitimate son he acknowledged. What was his name ?

  • Henry Blount
  • Henry FitzRoy
  • Henry Tudor

What rhyme can help you remember the fate of Henry's wives?

  • "Dead, divorced, survived/survived, divorced, died"
  • "Divorced, beheaded, died/Divorced, beheaded, survived
  • "Beheaded, divorced, died/survived, died, lied."