The Ultimate Hibernation Quiz
by Staff
You may have referred to an anti-social friend as being in hibernation, in the sense that most hibernating animals go into an unarousable state for many months at a time, cutting themselves off from the world. However, there are many aspects of hibernation that your anti-social friend will not be able to achieve. Take this quiz to learn more about the hibernation process and what it is used for.

What is required in order for the body to carry out any activity?

  • sugar
  • energy
  • talent

Why do animals need to hibernate?

  • to conserve energy
  • to build body fat
  • to stay warm in the winter

What happens to an animal's body during hibernation?

  • Temperature increases.
  • Temperature decreases.
  • Heart rate increases.

Which animals are more likely to hibernate?

  • smaller animals
  • larger animals
  • fat animals

What is the term for reptile hibernation?

  • torpor
  • estivation
  • brumation

What is the most significant change to the body as part of hibernation?

  • temperature
  • heart rate
  • body fat

What happens to brain activity during hibernation?

  • It is the same as during sleep.
  • It is reduced during hibernation.
  • It is similar to normal brain activity.

How do animals know when it is time to hibernate?

  • They sense the temperature change.
  • They see their food supplies running out.
  • Both of the above.

Some animals know it is time to hibernate based on their body clock. What is the term for the clock used to determine hibernation times?

  • circadian rhythms
  • circannual rhythms
  • circological rhythms

What do animals do before going into hibernation?

  • They build a den.
  • They inform their friends.
  • They mate.

How do animals ensure they have enough energy stores to last them for the winter?

  • They eat a lot before hibernating.
  • They store food with them.
  • Both of the above.

Which system in the body controls hibernation?

  • the central nervous system
  • the endocrine system
  • the cardiovascular system

How do hibernating animals protect themselves from freezing during hibernation, despite the reduction in body warmth?

  • They have a body thermostat that prevents freezing.
  • They build themselves a warm den.
  • They snuggle together.

During hibernation an animal's heart rate can drop to as low as __ percent of its usual level.

  • 2.5
  • 10
  • 25

How does an animal maintain the minimal level of function required during hibernation without food to fuel the processes?

  • They use body fat reserves.
  • They use functions that don't consume energy.
  • They eat daily during hibernation.

How do animals remove urea produced during hibernation?

  • They store it up in their bladder.
  • They urinate.
  • They break it down.

When do animals go into estivation?

  • when the weather gets too humid
  • when the weather gets too hot
  • when the weather gets too wet

Lungfish are able to live without water for how long?

  • three days
  • three months
  • three years

Which of the following animals use torpor to conserve energy?

  • a hummingbird
  • a bear
  • a goldfish

What happens to an animal's cholesterol level before hibernation?

  • It is halved.
  • It doubles.
  • It doesn't change.