The Ultimate High Efficiency Dryers Quiz
by Staff
If you're in the market for a clothes dryer, you have probably encountered ads for high-efficiency washers and dryers. If you're wondering just what a "high-efficiency" dryer is, take this high efficiency quiz and find out.

How is the efficiency of a clothes dryer measured?

  • amount of time to dry a load of wash
  • time taken to dry clothes at the lowest setting
  • pounds of clothes per kilowatt-hour

What can affect the efficiency of your dryer?

  • water left in clothes
  • speed (revolutions per minute) of the tumbler
  • temperature of the heating element

Why is it so important to get an energy-efficient dryer? It's not something the average family uses every day?

  • It's not that it's important, but it’s the environmentally-correct thing to do.
  • It'll save you money and conserve energy.
  • They are usually more compact with sleeker lines.

Are high-efficiency dryers actually available on the American market?

  • Of course, they're advertised, aren't they?
  • Only in certain states where permitted by Department of Energy.
  • It's a marketing thing - they are no more efficient than any Energy Star labeled dryer.

What is the major issue regarding heat pump dryers available in Europe versus the American market?

  • take up a lot more room
  • more expensive
  • require special wiring

To what extent are these dryers more efficient?

  • 30 percent
  • 40 percent
  • 50 percent

Are there any other reasons for not buying a heat pump dryer apart from the price?

  • take longer to dry
  • occupy more space
  • not manufactured in the USA

Since the heat pump dryer is more expensive and takes longer than a normal dryer, what is the reason for its popularity in Europe?

  • have more money to spend
  • higher energy costs = greater savings
  • locally manufactured appliances

What did a U.S. market survey find regarding high-efficiency dryers?

  • The American market was anxious to buy them.
  • Feelings were divided.
  • Consumers did not feel increased energy efficiency justified extra cost.

What is the estimated annual energy consumption of clothes dryers in the U.S.?

  • 55 billion kilowatt-hours
  • 66 billion kilowatt-hours
  • 77 billion kilowatt-hours

Which costs less per load to dry, gas dryers or electric dryers?

  • gas dryers
  • electric dryers
  • about the same

Is there a currently available technology that is extremely energy-efficient?

  • hybrid
  • centrifugal
  • solar power

Can you think of a drawback to a timer setting to dry a load of laundry?

  • If clothes dry before time is up, you waste energy.
  • Great idea to save energy.
  • Not a good idea - just check to see when the clothes are dry.

What is a more efficient way to solve the problem of over-drying?

  • A special scale determines when the weight of the clothes indicates that they are dry.
  • A moisture sensor monitors the humidity of the exhaust air.
  • Use the exact setting for the type of clothes in the dryer.

If it costs less to dry laundry in a gas dryer, why not just buy a gas dryer?

  • Gas dryers cost more.
  • Not every laundry room has a hook-up for a gas dryer.
  • Both answers are correct