The Ultimate High Efficiency Washers Quiz
by Staff
When the time comes to buy a new washer, you may want to consider a new high-efficiency model. Although they are more expensive than standard models, they have the advantage of saving you money on both your electricity and water bills. Take this quiz and learn how.

Is there an environmental advantage to using a high-efficiency washer?

  • use less energy and water
  • save time
  • last longer

If they use less water and electricity, do they really clean as well as traditional washers?

  • Not quite, but it's a small price to pay for being environmentally aware.
  • There is no difference.
  • They are considered to be better at cleaning.

From the inception of the Energy Star program in 1992 until 2005, what percentage of American households had switched to energy-efficient washers?

  • 10 percent
  • 15 percent
  • 20 percent

What is most of the energy in a washer devoted to?

  • spinning the tumbler
  • pumping the water
  • heating the water

How does a washer contribute toward efficiency in a dryer?

  • Clothes that are dryer going into the dryer will get dried quicker.
  • The washer warms the wet clothes before transfer to the dryer.
  • The two units operate independently.

Can you use regular detergents in your new high-efficiency washer?

  • Any good detergent will do.
  • Use only products designated for use with high-efficiency washers.
  • Use about 20 percent more detergent.

Why does using a high-efficiency washer tend to make the wash less agitated?

  • The agitation of doing laundry is machine-independent.
  • They take less time and energy.
  • They don't have an agitator.

What is the washing action of a high-efficiency washer?

  • It spins and rotates in varying directions.
  • It uses a backwards and forwards motion.
  • It vibrates at varying speeds.

How do most high-efficiency washers save water?

  • Their detergents create less suds, so less water is needed to rinse the wash.
  • High-pressure sprays are used.
  • Centrifugal force is used to remove soapy water from the laundry.

What is the futuristic diagnostic technology being developed by Kenmore?

  • The washer will call your cell phone or your technician if there is a problem with the washer.
  • It will enable a technician to fix the machine via a cell phone connection with the washer.
  • It will enable a cell phone to transmit diagnostic data to a technician.

When it comes to handling the clothes, which type of machine is gentler?

  • high-efficiency
  • traditional machines on "delicate" setting
  • both

In terms of space, which is preferable, a front- or a top-loading washer?

  • top loaders
  • depends on your ability to bend over
  • front loaders

Which washer has the longer wash cycle and is this relevant?

  • A high-efficiency washer has a longer cycle but a more efficient spin cycle.
  • A regular washer has a shorter wash cycle but uses more energy and has a less efficient spin cycle.
  • Both have the same wash cycles - the spin cycle makes all the difference.

How much water does the high-efficiency washer save?

  • 40 percent
  • 50 percent

Other than price and a longer wash cycle, are there any drawbacks to high-efficiency washers?

  • instructions hard to understand
  • mold and mildew
  • so quiet that people forget about the wash

How can you prevent mold from developing in your machine?

  • Keep the door closed when washer is not in use
  • Keep the rubber gasket damp so it does not dry out.
  • Keep the door open when washer is not in use

How do you prevent mildew?

  • Same way you prevent mold.
  • Occasionally run machine with just a cup of bleach and no clothes
  • Spray a small amount of bleach into the washer before each wash.

Is noise liable to be a problem?

  • Longer, faster spin cycles cause more noise.
  • Not really, improved silent motors prevent excess noise.
  • Because the clothes are dryer, they make more noise slamming against the sides.

The new high-efficiency washers have all kinds of fancy hi-tech features. Can this be a problem?

  • You almost need an engineering degree to understand the instructions.
  • It's hard to decide exactly which of the many programs is the best.
  • There are more parts that can malfunction.

Since a high-efficiency washer costs so much more, can you really recoup that extra cost in what you save on utility bills?

  • Though it's not really possible, but you are conserving energy.
  • You can make up the extra outlay in just a few years.
  • It will take at least 10 years to save the extra amount you spent.