The Ultimate Hiking With Your Dog Quiz
by Staff
Hiking is not only a great form of exercise for humans, it's great for dogs as well. Rather than sit around on the couch all day, both you and your dog can benefit from a long trek through the beauty of nature. You will likely also bond with your dog as a result. Take our quiz to learn more about how to hike with your dog.

Which of these species is best suited to long winter hikes?

  • poodle
  • Siberian husky
  • pit bull

German shepherds are not well suited to which of these?

  • long hikes
  • steep terrain
  • warm weather

Before you take an indoor dog on a hike you should do which of these?

  • Train the dog for long hikes.
  • Teach your dog to fetch a stick.
  • Buy your dog a chew toy to carry along.

Before taking your dog to a trail, you should make sure of which of these?

  • Make sure you've picked a trail that allows dogs.
  • Make sure you have a dog-hiking license.
  • make sure you're dog is interested in hiking.

Most trails that allow dogs require that your dog have which of these?

  • a collar
  • a leash
  • a name

Why should you carry along plastic bags during your hike?

  • The plastic bags are for cleaning up after your dog.
  • The plastic bags are for collecting interesting items you notice during your hike.
  • The plastic bags are for protecting your dog's paws from poison ivy.

How can you tell whether your dog is getting dehydrated?

  • When dogs are thirsty they bark.
  • When dogs are thirsty they refuse to walk any further.
  • When dogs are thirsty they pant.

Why is so easy for dogs to get dehydrated?

  • Dogs don't sweat.
  • A dog's regular body temperature is very high.
  • Dogs rarely drink enough water.

Why shouldn't you let your dog drink from a stream?

  • Streams are full of bacteria.
  • Streams are full of industrial toxins.
  • Streams are full of venomous snakes.

Every so often you should check your dog's paws for which of these?

  • cuts
  • lice
  • poison ivy

What should your dog wear when you hike through hunting areas?

  • bullet proof armor
  • a bright vest or bandanna
  • a large sign

What is the best color to use for protective clothing?

  • blue
  • orange
  • purple

Which of these voice commands is essential when hiking with a dog?

  • Come back!
  • Fetch!
  • Leave it!

What should you do if your dog walks through poison ivy?

  • Ignore it, because dogs are immune to poison ivy.
  • Shave off all of your dog's hair.
  • Bathe your dog with soap to remove to the oils of the plant.

If your dog eats poison ivy leaves, what should you do?

  • Take the dog to the doctor.
  • Give your dog a lot of water to drink.
  • Ignore it; poison ivy is safe to eat.

After a hike you should check your dog for which of these?

  • ticks
  • fleas
  • lice

What should you use to remove a tick?

  • a needle
  • tweezers
  • a knife

In what manner should you remove a tick?

  • in a twisting manner
  • from side to side
  • straight out

What should you do with a tick you've removed from your dog?

  • Keep it.
  • Burn it.
  • Throw it away.

What should you do if you cannot remove the tick?

  • Wait a week and then try again.
  • Wait until the tick dies.
  • Take your dog to the vet right away.