The 'How I Met Your Mother' Running Jokes Quiz
by Staff
This quiz is gonna be legen—wait for it—dary! Legendary! Brush up on your Bro Code and see how much you remember about the many running gags on "How I Met Your Mother."

What is Lily and Marshall's sign that it's time to start a family?

  • Marshall lands a new job.
  • They see a guy who looks like Barney.
  • They buy a house in the suburbs.

Who is the true Doppelganger Barney?

  • a taxi driver
  • a street performer
  • a fertility vendor

Which of the following is NOT one of the five doppelgangers?

  • Old Lady Lily
  • Mexican Wrestler Ted
  • Mustache Marshall

What term does the gang use to describe smoking marijuana?

  • drinking a cold one
  • taking a vacation
  • eating a sandwich

What does the party banner that pops up throughout the series say?

  • "Intervention"
  • "Happy Birthday"
  • "Merry Christmas"

Who came up with the idea of military salutes?

  • Marshall and Lily
  • Ted and Robin
  • Barney

Who is the Slap Bet Commissioner?

  • Marshall
  • Lily
  • Ted

What's the best holiday for slapping your friends?

  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day
  • Thanksgiving

Which cast member was a former teen pop star?

  • Lily
  • Barney
  • Robin

What was the name of Robin Sparkles' first big hit?

  • "Let's Go to the Mall"
  • "I Think We're Along Now"
  • "Baby One More Time"

Who co-starred with Robin in her second hit, "Sandcastles in the Sand?"

  • Alan Thicke
  • Jason Priestly
  • James Van Der Beek

What did Robin Sparkles call herself after going goth?

  • Robin Poison
  • Robin Guns
  • Robin Daggers

Who caused Robin to take on the Robin Daggers persona?

  • Alan Thicke
  • Michael Jackson
  • Paul Shaffer

What is the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn?

  • a cocktail
  • a move from the Playbook
  • a movie starring Ted

Who finally destroys Ted's favorite cowboy boots?

  • Robin
  • Barney
  • Jeanette

Who introduces Ted to Robin?

  • Marshall
  • Barney
  • Lily

What is the gang's favorite brand of beer?

  • Wharmpess
  • Budweiser
  • Duff

What item represents the Mother as fans eagerly wait to see her face for the first time?

  • blue French horn
  • wrestling belt
  • yellow umbrella

What fruit shows up mysteriously on Ted's nightstand during Season 1?

  • pineapple
  • orange
  • banana

What is Barney's outfit of choice?

  • jeans and flannel
  • a nice suit
  • scuba gear

What is Barney's official job title?

  • no one knows
  • executive officer

What is Ted's least favorite movie?

  • "The Wedding Bride"
  • "Star Wars"
  • "Citizen Kane"

Barney loves Canada.

  • TRUE

What percentage of Barney's statistics are totally fake?

  • none of them
  • half of them
  • 83 percent

Who is Robin's mortal enemy?

  • Patrice
  • Barney
  • Ted

Which member of the gang writes a blog?

  • Lily
  • Barney
  • Ted

What is Glen McKenna?

  • beer
  • scotch
  • vodka

What instrument symbolizes Ted and Robin's relationship?

  • bass
  • xylophone
  • blue French horn

What brand of soda does the cast drink?

  • Buzz
  • Tantrum
  • Slurm

What is the most feared creature in NYC?

  • cockamouse
  • bed bugs
  • mosquitoes