The Ultimate Historic District Quiz
by Staff
The process of qualifying as a historical district is quite complicated. Knowing how your community may or may not benefit from this designation may be important information for property owners. Take this quiz to see how much you know about historic districts.

How many historic districts are there in the U.S.?

  • more than 1,300
  • more than 2,300
  • more than 3,300

Where was the first U.S. historic district?

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Sanford, Florida

Who overseas the Charleston historical district?

  • Board of Architectural Review
  • Board of City Commissioners
  • School Board

To be on the National Register of Historic Places, how old must a property be?

  • more than 50 years
  • more than 65 years
  • more than 75 years

Where is the largest historical district?

  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Texas

Where is Mollytown?

  • fictional town
  • Mollytown, NY
  • Mollytown, MA

What type of professional may be qualified to serve on a State Review Board to determine the significance of a property?

  • historians
  • architects
  • both answers

What is a legal benefit of being on the National Register of Historic Places?

  • federal tax benefits
  • federal grants
  • both answers

What types of properties comprise Skagway, Alaska's historic district?

  • gold rush era
  • Victorian era
  • Art Nouveau era

Why would a property owner need a certificate of appropriateness?

  • to approve any architectural work
  • to approve any changes in exterior appearance
  • both answers

Which act created the National Register of Historic Places?

  • National Historic Preservation Act
  • Presidential Succession Act
  • Presidential Records Act

Who holds the real power over properties on the National Register of Historic Places?

  • local historic districts
  • state historic districts
  • federal historic districts

How many categories of properties are eligible for placement on the National Register of Historic Places?

  • three
  • five
  • seven

To be on the National Register a property must be:

  • significant
  • less than 50 years old
  • in perfect condition

Whom should you contact if you would like your property to be considered for the National Register of Historic Places?

  • state historic preservation officer.
  • congressman
  • mayor