The Ultimate Home Color Illuminating Quiz
by Staff
You can add light to the color in your home in the most illuminating of ways. Lighten up and take this quiz on illuminating the color in your home.

You want to change the color tones in your home, but you don't have a can of paint or a paint brush. Can you do it?

  • Absolutely. There are many ways to introduce color and they don't necessarily entail painting.
  • Not really. Your best bet is to wait until you can purchase paint and a paint brush.
  • You can do it but it won't look as nice as it would if you were to use a fresh coat of paint.

How can you use pillows to change the color effect in a room?

  • Line the baseboard (or skirting board) with colorful pillows to enhance the color tones of your walls and floor.
  • Make a pile of pillows near the light source that bounce light off onto the walls.
  • Use brightly colored throw pillows in a dark room to brighten the furnishings.

If you are a little craft-minded, you can add color to your drab windows. Which of these ideas would work?

  • Sew pretty dried flowers onto the aluminum window frames.
  • Cut out shapes from colorful foam board and string them up as a wall hanging by the window.
  • Cover the window panes with colorful corrugated board.

Supposing you had a lovely fabric that would go well as drapes, but you can't sew. How can you use it?

  • Wedge the edge of the fabric into a crack by the window and have the rest of the fabric fall prettily over the window pane.
  • Find a friend or seamstress who can sew the fabric into drapes.
  • Buy a decorative curtain rod, hang it above the window and drape the fabric over it.

Flowers are a natural way of adding color to a room. Is there a downside?

  • Yes, the color fades with time and you have to replace them.
  • No. Flowers are a homemaker's best friend.
  • Yes. The scent becomes more pungent with time.

Your children's arty masterpieces hold sentimental value. Are they of objective value as an addition to your walls?

  • Definitely so, especially if they are of intense color.
  • Unfortunately not. They would clash with your store-bought works of art.
  • Only if they have toned-down color tones. Anything too eye-catching is likely to spoil your home's color scheme.

What else can you put on bookshelves aside from books to add spice to your decor?

  • bookends
  • colorful figurines, ornaments and small pieces of pottery
  • magazines and newspapers

How can you regularly apply fresh color to your sofa?

  • by sending it off to be reupholstered every year
  • by applying a fresh coat of paint as often as you like
  • by putting on slipcovers and changing them according to season or mood

During the spring and summer months, green, yellow, white and light blue are appropriate couch colors. Which colors are suitable for the fall and winter?

  • brown, orange or pea-green
  • gold, red, navy or purple
  • bronze, mauve, cream or maroon

You have an old rug and some carpet remnants at your disposal. What can you do to give them life?

  • Design a new carpet pattern, cut up the carpet bits and bind them with carpet tape.
  • Give them to a carpet recycling company for revamping.
  • Decorate the edges of each carpet piece and use them as carpet "stones" around your house.

If you are unsure whether a carpet will match your décor, what can you ask the carpet salesman?

  • to purchase the carpet but get a full refund if it doesn't match the décor
  • to come to your house and help you decide
  • to give you carpet remnants or off cuts

How can you add color to your headboard and revamp it?

  • Stick on decorative contact paper.
  • Try to get access to a carpentry shop and ask permission from them to cut yourself a new headboard.
  • Make a wood template of it, cover it with foam and padding, then cover that with a pretty fabric.

What use can you make out of a humble headboard aside from as the head of your bed?

  • You can use it as a cool bulletin board or memento board for souvenirs, photographs and kids' drawings.
  • You can use it as a surfboard in warm weather.
  • You can use it to post your shopping list onto.

How can you use lighting as a means to adding color?

  • Have the lights flash on and off to contrast light with dark.
  • Use colored bulbs.
  • Don't use fluorescent lights because they have white light. Use regular light bulbs, which give a warm, colorful atmosphere.

What is the advantage of incandescent lighting?

  • It adds warmth.
  • It is cheap.
  • It is long-lasting.