The Ultimate Home Cozying Quiz
by Staff
Do you need to cozy up your home a bit? Take this quiz and learn how to cozy up your home.

Which of these best describes a home?

  • Home is where the heart is.
  • A home is a place to pay a rent or mortgage.
  • Home is where you eat and sleep.

Which of these additions adds a nurturing feel to your home?

  • a security system
  • a dog
  • plush wooly fabrics

Which of these should you add to your windows to give your home a warmer atmosphere?

  • iron bars
  • Roman shades
  • stained glass

How can you cozy up your dining room table?

  • Add an expensive china set.
  • Add more chairs.
  • Add a soft, plush runner.

What is the best way to decorate your floors for warmth?

  • area rugs
  • more furniture
  • lamps

How might you add a hint of romance to your bedrooms?

  • new sheets
  • a space heater
  • candles

How often should you update your family photos?

  • monthly
  • a few times a year
  • once a year

Which of these decorations is also a great conversation starter?

  • pictures
  • area rugs
  • candles

Which of these can you use as an inviting decoration for your front door?

  • a door knocker
  • a door bell
  • a door hanger

How might you engage another of the senses when cozying up your home?

  • by adding a fresh scent
  • by having really bright lights
  • by offering your guests some food

Which of these scents is associated with energy and clarity?

  • rose
  • citrus
  • garlic

Which of these scents makes us feel calm and relaxed?

  • grape
  • lemon-lime
  • vanilla

How should arrange your furniture to promote more interaction?

  • Point the pieces of furniture toward each other, rather than toward the TV.
  • Arrange the furniture in a perfect square.
  • Set up the pieces of furniture as close to each other as possible.

Which of these is known to make people feel uncomfortable?

  • dogs
  • having their back to a doorway
  • citronella candles

If you have a large area to work with you could try which of the following?

  • setting aside an area for board games
  • adding a closet to full up the space
  • building a Jacuzzi

How might you display your intellectual passions in your home?

  • a chalk board
  • a book collection
  • a finely crafted desk

How can you make best use of the hearth?

  • light the fireplace
  • hang a wreath
  • put a television in it

What should you place near the fireplace to make it extra cozy?

  • a holiday tree
  • a large pile of wood
  • a card table

Why wear slippers in the home?

  • They keep the floors clean.
  • It's better for the environment.
  • They're less expensive than shoes.

How should you store your slippers?

  • in the bathroom
  • in the front closet
  • in a set of cubbies near the front door