Are you a home design trendsetter?
by Staff
Do you think you're up to speed with the latest trends in home design? Do you see your ideas in home design magazines? Test your knowledge and creativity to see if you have what it takes to be a home design trendsetter.

Which of the following neutral colors would you pick to paint your living room walls?

  • egg shell
  • coffee
  • taupe
  • butter

Your grandmother left you an upholstered chair. Would you:

  • use it in your house as is
  • reupholster with a modern, colorful print
  • give it to Goodwill
  • reupholster with purple patent leather

Which of the following describes your design style?

  • vintage modern
  • eclectic
  • country
  • contemporary

To update your bathroom in one step, would you:

  • give it a good cleaning
  • buy a new shower curtain in a bold color
  • add new lighting
  • try a metallic wallpaper

To update your kitchen, would you:

  • paint your cabinets white
  • add new stainless steel appliances
  • replace your countertops with wood or concrete
  • buy a colorful stand mixer

To accent a green couch, what color pillows would you choose?

  • orange
  • blue
  • chocolate
  • different shades of green

If you were creating an outdoor living space, what would you include?

  • a big, plush sofa
  • a flat-screen TV
  • "walls" of plants to create a cozy, room feeling
  • all of the above

You've found a set of bold, modern chairs that you just can't live without, but they don't go with your current traditional look. Would you:

  • pass on them
  • update your entire look to accommodate the chairs
  • buy them and integrate them into your traditional look, as is
  • buy a more traditional set of chairs, inspired by the modern, bold color

Your favorite skirt just doesn't fit anymore. Instead of throwing it away, would you:

  • turn it into a fun, accent pillow for your couch
  • cut a large piece out, frame it and hang it on your wall
  • make a "skirt" for your plain lamp shade
  • any of the above

Which of the following trends do you think will be making waves in 2011?

  • cultural-inspired prints
  • colors and patterns inspired by nature
  • any and all shades of blue
  • all of the above