The Ultimate Home Floor Plans Quiz
by Staff
Planning for the construction of a new home can be a fun opportunity. Your imagination can have almost no limits! But when it comes to the point where the plans must become more practical, a floor plan can be a great starting point. Find out what you've learned about various types of floor plans by taking this quiz.

What is the difference between a floor plan and a blueprint?

  • A blueprint is more detailed.
  • A floor plan shows furniture placement as well.
  • They are essentially the same thing.

What should be a major contributing factor to your thought process when planning your home's floor plan?

  • your family's lifestyle
  • the software you are using to design the floor plan
  • the floor plans of similar houses in the neighborhood

In addition to the placement of its windows, what else can affect your house's privacy?

  • its shape
  • the outside color
  • how many internal rooms you have

How will interior design affect your floor plan decisions?

  • The floor plan must accommodate your furniture choices.
  • Different sized rooms work better for different wall colors.
  • Carpet works better in smaller rooms; hard flooring is better in larger ones.

What is not included when the square footage of your house is calculated?

  • garage
  • bathrooms
  • closets

What special needs are required of design for a mobile home?

  • strong foundation
  • connection to sewers
  • multiple sleeping spaces

How must a designer plan for waste water in a mobile home?

  • with drainable tanks
  • with drainage pipes to the outside
  • with a hookup to the sewer system

What is the central draw of building a modular home?

  • speed of construction
  • customizability
  • efficient usage of space

What specific need does a designer of a modular home need to consider when creating the floor plan?

  • the ability to easily split the house into movable sections
  • construction costs
  • internal traffic flow

Due to the specific constraints of modular construction, what is a common feature of most modular homes?

  • narrow rooms
  • leaky roofs
  • metal siding