The Ultimate Home Light Energizing Quiz
by Staff
Your home's lighting is not based solely on sunlight exposure and the number of lamps you own. You can do a lot to modify how the lighting in your home is distributed. Do you know how to make best use of your home's space? Take our quiz and learn how to energize the light in your home.

How much of your available sunlight should you use?

  • no more than 10 percent
  • two hours' worth
  • as much as possible

If you want to improve the lighting in your room, which of these window treatments should you use?

  • heavy drapes
  • sheer curtains
  • wooden blinds

Which of these can you mount to the walls of your rooms to reflect natural light?

  • sconces
  • chandeliers
  • mirrors

Which of these colors most effectively reflects light?

  • green
  • white
  • red

Rather than paint all the walls white, how can you make use of this energizing color?

  • with various white home accents
  • by laying white carpeting throughout the home
  • by having a lot of white furniture

Which of these produces softer, more natural looking light?

  • incandescent bulbs
  • florescent bulbs
  • lava lamps

What should you display in your china cabinet to really brighten up a room?

  • silverware
  • crystal wine glasses
  • white china and ceramics

Which parts of the house should you paint white?

  • doorframes and moldings
  • wooden floors
  • the dining room furniture

Which of these vibrant colors themes really helps brighten up a room?

  • greens and blues
  • yellows and oranges
  • any kind of red

How can you use water to improve lighting?

  • by filling glasses with colored water and placing them on the window sill
  • by keeping a fresh pitcher of water on the dining room table
  • by keeping the kitchen sink full of water at all times

Which sorts of lampshades help brighten up a room?

  • stained glass
  • velvet
  • sheer

How does clutter effect lighting?

  • clutter reflects light
  • clutter blocks light
  • clutter does not effect light

When decorating your walls with art, which of these makes best use of space.

  • one well-placed piece
  • clusters of art
  • three pieces in a triangle

What type of glue should you use for paper-mache?

  • epoxy glue
  • resin-based glue
  • decoupage glue

At what point while making a paper-mache wall sconce should you pop the balloon?

  • when you finish setting the mold
  • when the glue dries
  • after the molds has sat for three or four days

When making a paper-mache wall sconce, to what should you apply the decoupage glue?

  • the paper
  • the balloon
  • the cheese cloth

Approximately how long does it take for a paper-mache project to dry?

  • two to three hours
  • two to three days
  • two to three weeks

What sort of light should you use inside of a paper-mache wall sconce?

  • a candle
  • an LED light
  • a standard light bulb

What is the purpose of using patina when revamping a mirror?

  • to age the glass
  • to remove the metal from the mirror
  • to improve the mirror's reflective qualities

What should you use to remove metal from a mirror?

  • hydrochloric acid
  • non-toxic metal remover
  • ammonium chloride