The Ultimate Home Lighting Quiz
by Staff
Living spaces can become dark and dull when the sun goes down. With proper lighting design, home lighting can bring any room to life by creating interest and adding visual drama. Take our quiz and see whether you are doing everything you can to maximize your lighting potential.

What is the main goal of lighting design in a modern living space?

  • to set a mood
  • to add light to dark
  • to introduce various degrees of light to a room

Lighting is all about:

  • creating texture and mood
  • creating highlights and ambience
  • creating interest and visual drama.

What is understood to be the greatest influence of any lighting scheme in your home?

  • helps set personality of any room
  • helps create a cozy feeling
  • highlights architectural features

What is the primary purpose of ambient lighting?

  • to create focus
  • to create a diffused, even light
  • to create light suitable for reading

In most homes, ambient lighting makes use of:

  • compact fluorescent bulbs
  • quartz spot lamps
  • incandescent bulbs

Overhead lighting is functional, but it has a bad reputation for being:

  • maintenance intensive
  • inefficient
  • garish

What is the primary function of accent lighting?

  • Accent lights provide visual separation and supplement your ambient lighting.
  • Accent lights provide additional lighting in dark corners and small spaces.
  • Accent lights provide light in places such as stairwells.

What is a rule of thumb when we refer to the brightness of accent lighting compared to ambient lighting?

  • at least twice as bright
  • three to five times brighter
  • at least five times brighter

Accent lighting:

  • usually requires special wiring
  • can consist of simple spotlights and floodlights
  • is best left for your next renovation project

What used to be considered task lighting in days gone by?

  • We all know they used kerosene lamps.
  • Wax candles were our ancestors' only choice.
  • A single bulb in a desk or table lamp.

What is considered a green benefit to using task lighting?

  • Task lighting can reduce the need for overhead ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting generates less heat, which helps reduce air conditioning costs.
  • Task lighting makes use of low wattage bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

What is one benefit of selecting proper task-oriented lighting?

  • focuses light where you need it
  • reduces energy cost
  • reduces eyestrain

Where in the kitchen should we install task lighting?

  • Have the electrician install it under the cupboards to light up the counter.
  • Replace that ceiling fixture with a double fluorescent light.
  • Place a quartz floodlight over that oil painting of a fruit bowl hanging on the wall.

What lamp option is considered a perfect choice for most task-oriented lighting?

  • compact fluorescent bulbs
  • dual filament incandescent bulbs
  • halogen lamps

What are modern contractors finding that their clients are requesting more of for their home?

  • modular electrical wiring
  • low voltage plug and play wiring
  • more natural day lighting

A recent study found that working in natural light:

  • makes for happier employees
  • reduces sick days by about 50%
  • results in increased productivity

What is the best way to reduce heat from the sun when you open a home up to natural light?

  • Use curtains and blinds.
  • Choose tinted windows.
  • Large windows must face north.

What is an efficient way to increase the benefit of natural light without adding more windows?

  • Use light-reflective paint.
  • Place mirrors in strategic spots to help reflect the sun.
  • Prune trees and hedges that block natural light.

Where should you start when you want to improve the benefits offered by outdoor lighting?

  • People use the backyard more, so start there first.
  • The front door is the obvious place to improve lighting.
  • Start with the front walkway for your guests’ sake.

What is a good ground rule to follow when picking accent lighting for the outdoors?

  • Motion sensors, photocells, and bright floodlights are the secure way to go when adding outside lighting.
  • Go with a lighting scheme that mimics moonlight.
  • both of the above