The Ultimate Home Office Decorating Ideas Quiz
by Staff
More and more Americans are opting to work from home, at least part-time. Whether you work at home or just need a place to keep your personal papers in order, we have some great home office decorating ideas and tips that will help you transform your space into the office of your dreams.

Which design component is a must for a well-appointed office?

  • good lighting
  • luxurious flooring
  • wallpaper

The great thing about an office armoire is that you can:

  • Close it.
  • Stain It.
  • Paint it.

What's a great design solution for displaying photos and mementos in your home office?

  • drawers
  • closets
  • shelves

An interesting idea is to buy a desk that has _____ for mobility.

  • casters
  • wheels
  • rollers

Which rarely-used room in your home can easily do double duty as a home office?

  • the kitchen
  • the dining room
  • the bathroom

Which traditional room features allow for plenty of light in your home office?

  • windows
  • skylights
  • both of the above

Which of the following help give a home office a sleek modern look?

  • a simple color palette
  • fussy furnishings
  • a multi-colored textured rug

Which of the following design features offers an unusual idea for disguising an unused door?

  • a decorative screen
  • a large painting
  • a tall armoire

What is a good way of achieving a flexible design in your home office?

  • Use modular furnishings.
  • Use dual-purpose furnishings.
  • both of the above

When using open shelves in your home office, what is an attractive way to store small items?

  • in pretty baskets
  • in metal storage containers
  • in plastic storage containers