Test Your Home's Security
by Staff
With millions of burglaries in the United States each year, this type of theft is not exactly a rare occurrence. Here, test your home-security knowledge and find out whether your dwelling is a relative fortress or an easy target.

When do most burglaries occur?

  • in the day
  • in the middle of the night
  • in the evening

Which are the most common entry points for a burglar?

  • the roof
  • doors and windows
  • a tunnel into the basement

What's the most common way of forcing entry through a door?

  • removing it from its hinges
  • kicking it open
  • cutting a hole in it

When it comes to door locks, which strike-plate setup is the most secure?

  • secured with two 2-inch screws and two 4-inch nails into the doorjamb
  • glued to a series of magnets using heavy-duty construction adhesive
  • secured with four 3-inch screws into the doorjamb

Where's the safest place to keep a spare key?

  • in a planter box or a flower/plant pot
  • under the doormat
  • in a neighbor's house

Where should outdoor lighting be brightest?

  • at the perimeter of the property
  • at entry points and pathways
  • on the roof

What's the most common way people reduce the effectiveness of an alarm system?

  • by neglecting to display the alarm-company sign outside the house
  • by turning it off when they're at home during the day
  • by setting the code to a birthday or anniversary

Where should you store your alarm pass code?

  • in a safety deposit box
  • very close to the keypad
  • very far from the keypad

How should you mark your valuables for identification?

  • by engraving your Social Security number
  • by engraving your driver's license number
  • You shouldn't.

Who should know when you're going out of town?

  • everyone who follows you on Twitter
  • your neighbors
  • no one