The Ultimate Home Spaces Decorating Quiz
by Staff
You need some big decorating ideas for your spatially challenged home. Take this quiz and see how to put home spaces decorating ideas to good use.

What functional use does a foyer or entrance hall have?

  • It's where you receive VIPs.
  • It's where you gain entrance to the house, remove coats, and unload bags and briefcases.
  • It's a pleasant-looking corridor to the laundry room.

Your home is a formal one. What should your foyer look like?

  • cheerful, with cheery orange-yellow tones
  • warm, inviting and relaxed
  • equally formal and gracious-looking, perhaps with a chandelier

Which of these are important considerations for the design of your home spaces?

  • fashion, peer pressure and stylishness
  • taste, space, budget and function
  • neither of the above

How does the "trompe l'oeil" technique help for tight spaces?

  • You make the tight spaces feel cozy and warm.
  • You build out alcoves to broaden them.
  • You trick the eye by painting to give the effect of space.

Entrance halls can look inviting and relaxing. What could create this mood?

  • small skylight openings
  • a small library table, an armchair and a lamp
  • lots of old family portraits

How do you fight your worst home enemy, dust, and win?

  • Avoid open shelves. Use ones with glass doors.
  • Do a light daily dusting over all your ornamental pieces.
  • Spray often with a dust remover and wipe with a soft cloth.

It's time to transform your cheerless attic into a guestroom. But how do you instill cheer?

  • Install a skylight to let in air and light.
  • Install wooden paneling on the walls.
  • Hang upbeat posters.

Regarding entrance halls, feng shui experts believe:

  • They are important to ward off the evil spirits.
  • They have the power to influence the energy flow throughout your entire home.
  • They must reflect the character of your home and family.

In wet climates, what flooring is suitable for your entrance hall?

  • marble
  • tiles
  • parquet

Is there hope for a small attic? Can it be put to good use in a renovated home?

  • Certainly. Skylights, white walls and built-in storage spaces are an excellent solution.
  • Unfortunately not. It's best to use it as a walkthrough.
  • Yes. Add furniture and drapery, and you'll create a fine, spacious attic.

What sort of professional could help you design your renovation plans?

  • a professional tiler
  • an ethicist
  • an architect

What purpose does a hallway or corridor serve?

  • It leads to rooms of the house.
  • It radiates cold and heat to the rooms via vents.
  • It gives the home occupant a feeling of coziness.

Which of these would give excitement to a long hallway or corridor?

  • candles at night and red brick floors
  • wall-to-wall carpeting
  • a drop-ceiling

What is popular for laundry-room décor these days?

  • lots of cabinet space and laundry baskets
  • dark, stone flooring and green-toned walls
  • light walls and cheerful wall decorations

If space allows, what could you put inside your laundry room for folding and stacking purposes?

  • a hi-tech folding gadget
  • a table or counter top
  • a shelf over the top of the clothes dryer