The Ultimate Home Staging Quiz
by Staff
When it comes down to it, the most important part of selling your home isn't the market value, It's the work you put into making your home inviting to visitors while on the market. Take this quiz to test your home staging knowledge.

It's important to make your kitchen look "livable" by staging your appliances in an everyday way: A toaster oven, coffeepot and blender complete an inviting mealtime look.

  • True. This helps buyers imagine their own life in their new abode.
  • False. Buyers already know what a toaster looks like and where it should go.

While your house is listed, it's best to mow your lawn:

  • biweekly
  • weekly
  • monthly

Before putting your house on the market, estimate this much for staging expenses.

  • 1 to 3 percent of the asking price
  • 4 to 5 percent of the asking price
  • less than 1 percent of the asking price

If your kitchen's out of date, it's worth the cost to do a full renovation and replace all your appliances. You'll make that money back on the asking price.

  • True. Buyers are willing to pay for new features and appliances, once they're pointed out.
  • False. Research shows that the costs of most renovation projects aren't recouped in the final price.

When staging a bathroom, it's important to keep any and every sign of your house's inhabitants out of the line of sight: no used towels, shower products or toothpaste.

  • True. Nobody wants to see your wet towels or toothbrush.
  • False. It's to be expected that the people who live here need to use the bathroom, and buyers will overlook light signs of use and wear.

When directing flow from the dining room to an adjoining family room, it's best to separate the two spaces with what?

  • a couch or buffet table -- anything low, that doesn't obstruct the line of sight
  • an ombre finish on the wall paint, shading from a darker to a lighter color
  • traffic lanes of no less than 18 inches (46 centimeters)

Deep, dramatic colors work well in a bathroom.

  • True. A bathroom is an oasis where privacy is of the utmost importance.
  • False. A dark bathroom can be interpreted as dingy and small.

When arranging decorative objects, it's best to group them how?

  • in triplets of varying size, with the largest behind the smaller items
  • in triplets in a straight line, to lead the eye along to a focal point
  • in pairs, giving a calming sense of symmetry

The master bedroom is a shared domain and must be staged to reflect both partners and both sexes.

  • True. Couples come in all ages, sizes and shapes -- but ultimately, both members need to agree on neutral decor for the room.
  • False. The master bedroom is the domain of the woman and should reflect comfort.

When staging a bedroom, what's the most important thing to emphasize?

  • Versatility. A bedroom has many uses and you can illustrate them all.
  • Simplicity. You don't want to give buyers the impression of rummaging through somebody else's life.
  • Intimacy. Make sure the bedroom represents a special place by giving it a distinct personality.