The 'Homeland' Quiz
by Staff
You've been following the exploits of Carrie, Saul and the gang for years, but how much do you really know about "Homeland?" Take this quiz and find out.

"Homeland" premiered in October of this year.

  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011

"Homeland" is based on the Israeli series "Hatufim," which means ______________.

  • double agent
  • prisoner of war
  • counterspy

From which mental affliction does Carrie Mathison suffer?

  • schizophrenia
  • bipolar disorder
  • depression

Who's the bad guy in Seasons 1 and 2?

  • Abu Nazir
  • Majid Javadi
  • Haissam Haqqani

With whom does Brody's wife have an affair while Brody is gone?

  • his brother
  • his best friend
  • his boss

While on a family vacation to this Civil War site, Brody picks up his suicide vest.

  • Gettysburg
  • Antietam
  • Fort Sumter

Why doesn't Brody detonate his suicide vest in the Season 1 finale?

  • Saul tackles him.
  • He gets a call from his daughter.
  • Vice President Walden foils the plan.

After the failed bombing, Abu Nazir makes Brody kill this guy to prove his loyalty.

  • Carrie
  • CIA Director Estes
  • Tom Walker

Saul and Carrie's first big mission of Season 2 takes place in this city.

  • Beirut
  • Baghdad
  • Kabul

How does Abu Nazir die?

  • Brody strangles him.
  • The CIA bombs his compound.
  • A SWAT team kills him.

Director Estes calls in Peter Quinn to do surveillance on Brody. Who does it turn out that Quinn works for?

  • CIA black ops
  • Al-Qaeda
  • the FBI

Where is Brody during the CIA bombing?

  • in CIA headquarters
  • at the airport on the way to Iraq
  • at his house

While Nazir is holding Carrie hostage, he forces Brody to kill this guy.

  • Vice President Walden
  • CIA Director Estes
  • Ahmed Nazari

Where is Brody being held captive in Season 3?

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Bogota
  • Caracas

When Carrie pulls "The Yoga Play" in Season 3, who is she trying to get away from?

  • the CIA
  • Brody
  • Majid Javadi

Why does Quinn shoot Carrie during an operation to catch the Langley bomber?

  • because he's a double agent
  • because he thinks she's protecting Brody
  • because she's about to ruin a mission

Who is Fara Sherazi?

  • the wife of Majid Javadi
  • Brody's Al-Qaeda contact
  • a CIA analyst

Who does Javadi murder when he fails to turn up at a meeting with Carrie?

  • his family
  • Danesh Akbari
  • Brody

Who rescues Brody from the Tower of David?

  • Quinn
  • Carrie
  • Saul

How does Brody die?

  • Quinn takes him out.
  • He's hanged.
  • Javadi strangles him.

Carrie accepts the station chief post in Istanbul at the end of Season 3. At the start of Season 4, she's the station chief in Kabul. Why?

  • The previous Kabul chief had been killed.
  • She got fired in Istanbul.
  • She wanted to leave her daughter in the U.S.

How does she end up as the station chief in Islamabad?

  • She blackmails Lockhart.
  • Saul pulls some strings.
  • Quinn assassinates the current chief so Carrie can take the job.

Who's the bad guy in Season 4?

  • Haissam Haqqani
  • Aayan Ibrahim
  • Aasar Khan

Why does Quinn stop Carrie from ordering a drone strike on Haqqani?

  • because Saul is in the car with him
  • because he realizes Haqqani is somewhere else
  • because a group of kids will die too

What is Haqqani looking for when he infiltrates the embassy?

  • the CIA's weapons locker
  • the mainframe computer
  • a list of CIA assets in Pakistan

Where's the action in Season 5?

  • Lebanon
  • Germany
  • Iran

Where is General Youssef headed when his plane explodes?

  • the United States
  • Iraq
  • Syria

Which Berlin landmark do the terrorists choose for the sarin-gas attack?

  • Potsdamer Platz
  • Berlin Hauptbahnhof
  • Brandenburg Gate

What's the name of Allison's Russian contact?

  • Etai Luskin
  • Astrid Korzenik
  • Ivan Krupin

How does Quinn die?

  • He's hit by a train trying to foil the attack.
  • He inhales sarin gas.
  • The Russians assassinate him.