There Their They're: The Homonym Quiz
by Staff
A homonym is one of two or more words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. How does your homonym knowledge stack up? Take our (hour?) quiz and see (sea?)!

When a baseball player hits a home run, he runs all the way around the ...

  • bases
  • basis
  • basses

Which describes a loop of rope?

  • byte
  • bite
  • bight

_____ best off choosing which homonym to complete this sentence?

  • you're
  • your
  • yore

What might be a demolition crew's favorite homonym?

  • rays
  • raze
  • raise

This is a type of African antelope.

  • new
  • knew
  • gnu

The first and eighth notes of a major scale are …

  • do
  • doe
  • dough

Which is a synonym for wharf?

  • cay
  • key
  • quay

The man paddled the boat with an ...

  • or
  • oar
  • ore

She had to ______ over her textbooks and notes in order to prepare for the test.

  • pour
  • pore
  • poor

These are used to steer a horse.

  • reigns
  • rains
  • reins

I just couldn't get interested in that documentary about rocks; it was a real …

  • bore
  • boar
  • boor

You know that little mark a proofreader uses to insert words (it looks like this: ^)? That's called a …

  • carat
  • caret
  • carrot

Which describes something not in use?

  • idyll
  • idol
  • idle

_____ coming from _____ house over _____.

  • there, their, they're
  • their, they're, there
  • they're, their, there

This book is a little too long. I think the author could _____ down some of the chapters.

  • pare
  • pair
  • pear

Watching the movie "Braveheart<i>"</i> really _____ my interest in Scottish history.

  • piqued
  • peeked
  • peaked

The cat often _____ on birds and lizards.

  • preys
  • prays
  • praise

For many young people, getting their driver's license is an important ______ of passage.

  • write
  • right
  • rite

The police _____ aggressively on the man's door after his neighbors called in a noise complaint.

  • rapped
  • wrapped
  • rapt

This homonym is the past tense of "slay."

  • slew
  • slough
  • slue

Which of these is a seabird?

  • turn
  • tern
  • terne

Whether you're talking about a tailless amphibian or a detestable person, use this word.

  • toad
  • toed
  • towed

He tried to fit in his old jeans, but he had gained _____ much weight.

  • to
  • two
  • too

Which is a type of blood vessel?

  • vane
  • vain
  • vein

When they left for work, their dog would _____ with sadness.

  • wail
  • wale
  • whale

A big group of people is called a …

  • horde
  • hoard
  • whored

The golfer's ball sailed toward the crowd as he yelled "_____!"

  • for
  • four
  • fore

Every year millions of tourists flock to New York City to see the …

  • sites
  • sights
  • cites

When it comes to eating undercooked meat, I like to _____ on the side of caution.

  • air
  • heir
  • err

This is what artists put their paint on.

  • palate
  • palette
  • pallet