The Ultimate When a Horse Breaks a Leg Quiz
by Staff
From the days of the Wild West to modern times, one thing seems not to have changed: A horse with a broken leg is usually euthanized. To see why, despite all the advances in modern veterinarian medicine, horses rarely recover from a broken leg, take this quiz.

Why are horses with broken legs euthanized rather than being allowed to live with a limp?

  • A horse with a broken leg becomes apathetic and depressed.
  • A horse with a broken leg is a danger to other horses and humans.
  • The complex bone structure of a horse's leg and other factors prevent full recovery from a break.

Why are many horses prone to broken legs?

  • strenuous physical activities
  • weak bone structure
  • carrying too much weight

How many bones are there in a horse's legs?

  • 60
  • 80
  • 100

Where do most of a horses injuries occur?

  • rear legs
  • hooves
  • front legs

Why do these injuries happen?

  • The front legs are more delicate.
  • Most of the weight is on the front legs.
  • Cramps in front legs sometimes cause the horse to stumble and fall.

Although horses with broken legs are still euthanized, does the procedure today differ?

  • lethal injection
  • lethal gas
  • lethal high-power rifle

What other factors can contribute to injuries?

  • inadequate diet
  • loose horse shoes
  • fatigue

What medical issues could also contribute to injuries?

  • temporary impaired vision
  • strained tendons, and hairline fractures
  • gastroenteritis

What is being done to prevent racehorse injuries?

  • use of synthetic absorbent materials
  • use of hard even surfaces
  • grass is cut shorter

How else can racehorse injuries be prevented?

  • proper warm up before a race
  • correct grooming prior to a race
  • sufficient recuperation time after minor injuries

Can diet be a factor in recuperation?

  • Protein-rich food is needed to increase muscle-mass.
  • Nutritional supplements contribute to healthy joints and bones.
  • Dairy products promote healthy hooves.

Is an incomplete fracture an automatic death sentence?

  • Many horses can recover.
  • For horses under four years of age, it is.
  • An incomplete fracture is as bad as a complete break.

What factor can be critical in the possible recovery from a fracture or simple break?

  • An older horse acts in a more responsible manner when injured.
  • Female horses have better natural recovery systems.
  • A younger horse has a better chance of recovery.

Under what circumstances is euthanasia almost certain?

  • upper leg break
  • multiple breaks
  • limited stable room

Why not treat the leg and let nature decide the fate of the horse?

  • Horses can suffer a great deal during the recuperation process.
  • An injured horse will be a financial burden.
  • The performance of other horses is adversely affected by the presence of an injured horse.

Can a prosthesis be fitted to a horse?

  • No point a handicapped horse cannot race.
  • A horse with a prosthesis is ostracized by other horses, leading to depression and health problems.
  • Few horses adapt well to a prosthesis.

What is laminitis?

  • It is an infectious blood disorder leading to gangrene.
  • It is a painful inflammatory disease that can cause hoof to separate from the leg
  • A condition where the bone does not heal but begins painful disintegration.

What happened to the runner up in the 2008 Kentucky Derby?

  • She recovered from a broken leg but did not race again.
  • After a full recovery she broke the same leg again and subsequently had to be euthanized.
  • After breaking both front ankle, she was euthanized on the spot.

Is there a positive aspect to pain?

  • Reasonable pain that causes caution has positive elements.
  • Pain is pain and the only solution is euthanasia.
  • If the pain is medicated the horse will become addicted.

What hinders the rehabilitation of a horse?

  • Horses do not cooperate with medical professionals
  • Other horses react negatively to an injured horse and could harm it.
  • There is no guarantee of success and is complicated and expensive.