The Ultimate Horse Quiz
by Staff
The horse has served man well in various roles -- in war, hunting and sport. They also figure prominently in mythology and literature. Take this quiz and learn more about these magnificent creatures.

What is a centaur?

  • Roman horse-soldier
  • half man, half horse mythological creature
  • favorite horse in a race

What is the best known horse in literature?

  • Pegasus
  • Traveler
  • Black Beauty

What was the only horse after which a breed was named?

  • Justin Morgan
  • Cincinnati
  • Stallion

What was the name of Robert E. Lee's horse?

  • Traveller
  • Cincinnati
  • Flicka

To what use is horse hair put?

  • high quality coats
  • stuffing furniture
  • making paint brushes

What products are produced from horses?

  • paint pigments and muscle relaxants
  • lubricants and furniture polish
  • glue and medical serums

What is a stallion?

  • adult male horse
  • young male horse
  • castrated male horse

What is a young female horse called?

  • mare
  • foal
  • filly

If you were invited to a stud farm, what activities would you expect to encounter?

  • research
  • breeding
  • horse racing

What is a foal?

  • young horse bred for racing
  • young riding horse
  • young horse until it is weaned

What other animal belongs to the horse family?

  • zebra
  • bronco
  • mustang

What is a species of wild horse?

  • bronco
  • mustang
  • Przewalski's horse

Are horses basically loners?

  • Domestic horses are individualistic.
  • Horses move in herds in the wild.
  • Female horses are loners.

How do horses greet one another?

  • Sniff each other's noses.
  • Circle each other while swishing their tails.
  • Paw the ground with their front feet.

What message is a horse sending when its ears are pinned back and it reaches its head towards you?

  • curiosity
  • friendliness
  • warning to stand back

What does gait mean?

  • any forward motion of the horse
  • side step
  • backing away movement

Do you know the common unit of measurement used to describe a horse?

  • inches
  • centimeters
  • hands

What is a pony?

  • adult horse less than 58 inches (147 cm)
  • long tailed gelding
  • Asian horse bred for children to ride

What is the average life span of a horse?

  • 10 to 15 years
  • 15 to 20 years
  • 20 to 30 years

What does a work horse weigh?

  • 1,500 pounds (750 kg)
  • 2,000 pounds
  • 2,500 pounds (1,136 kg)