The Ultimate Hosting an Adult Halloween Party Quiz
by Staff
Halloween is the time to let your hair stand on end! Host a party for adults that will turn the ghouls and goblins green with envy. If you believe you have what it takes to host a spooktacular party, then we have the quiz for you.

Why host an adult Halloween party?

  • It can make you popular with friends and co-workers.
  • It can revive happy memories of those great teen parties you used to attend.
  • Why should kids have all the fun -- it's a great way to have fun after the little goblins have gone to bed.

What do the experts say about how your Halloween party should be planned?

  • the kitschier the better
  • relatively classy
  • like an elaborate Victorian costume party

What is another basic of planning a successful Halloween party?

  • Have a deli cater the snack plates.
  • Keep to a reasonable budget.
  • Have each guest bring food or drinks.

The message to keep in mind when planning and decorating for your Halloween party is that there are:

  • five basic rules for success
  • three important guidelines
  • no rules

What kind of decoration is the most popular for a Halloween party?

  • skeletons
  • carved pumpkins
  • zombies

What is a great way to invite your guests to your Halloween party?

  • an e-mail containing a ghoulish message
  • Halloween-themed invitations by mail
  • hand-delivered invitations by kids in costumes

What is the best choice of day to host your party if Halloween falls out at midweek?

  • Friday after Halloween is the latest.
  • A weeknight party is socially acceptable.
  • Hold it on the weekend before Halloween.

What is one favorite Halloween party theme that is very popular and can be a lot of fun?

  • dead celebrities’ theme
  • the undead theme
  • bloodthirsty vampire theme

What is the best position to take on the wearing of costumes for those attending your adult Halloween party?

  • Make it clear on the invitations that a costume is mandatory.
  • Leave the decision to wear a costume to your party optional.
  • Just have some basic masks on hand for those that do not wear a costume.

When making food arrangements for your party what should you avoid?

  • food that must be kept warm
  • a sit down meal
  • food that must be served

What is a fun idea for party favors to set out at your adults only party?

  • Spread around some kids’ bubbles and scary temporary tattoos for your guests to enjoy.
  • Spread out some plastic spiders and bugs on tables and throw in some of those gummy candy worms as well.
  • Have fun doing both of the above.

What is a basic food item to make sure you include at your Halloween party?

  • theme shaped and decorated cakes
  • finger food
  • chips and pretzels

If your budget permits, what is a good way to raise the spooky fun a notch or two?

  • You can hire actors to make scary cameo appearances amongst your guests.
  • You can hire a professional tarot card reader and watch your guests’ line up.
  • You can hire a professional photographer to circulate and snap photos of your guests.

What is a great way to wrap up your Halloween party at the end of the night?

  • Send guests home with a treat.
  • Announce the last dance and play "The Monster Mash."
  • Draw for a door prize.

What is very important consideration when hosting a party where alcohol is served or consumed?

  • Make sure that drinkers have a designated driver.
  • Have a cab company number ready for guest that have been drinking and do not have a designated driver.
  • Both of the above choices.