The Ultimate Hot Trends for the Home Quiz
by Staff
You're no pushover and it's important to you to be in on the latest home trends. Check out your status with this hot trends quiz and get it while it's hot.

What sort of mood will be generated in your home using simple, quality lighting?

  • a playful mood
  • a relaxed mood
  • a serious mood

Waterfall and cascading lighting have a loose, organic quality. What does this do for their popularity?

  • It makes them very popular.
  • It makes them decidedly unpopular.
  • It makes them popular among the rich and famous.

Where would you hang strand lighting?

  • around your Christmas tree
  • along the exterior walls of your home
  • anywhere on the ceiling or even to divide a large room

Chandeliers have what sort of look?

  • a Victorian look
  • an Elizabethan look
  • an Oriental look

Why is pendant lighting an attractive addition to your home?

  • because it is so romantic
  • because it increases the light threefold
  • because it adds visual interest

What is meant by the term "faux bois"?

  • fake stone
  • fake wood
  • a mistake

Where would you use faux bois or wood imitations?

  • as lamps and wood grain print notepads
  • as bath mats and curtaining
  • as ribboning and bedding

Big, bold letters and numbers are "in." What can you do with this fashion?

  • Inscribe poetry in large lettering around the mirrors.
  • Scribble your name in block letters across every wall.
  • Make personalized table settings, printed mugs and posters with vintage type-face.

The color yellow is said to give an energy boost. Why?

  • because of its dazzling effect
  • because it is one of the primary colors
  • because it is reminiscent of the beautiful, bright sun

To keep the flowers in a vase more vibrant for longer, what can you add to the water?

  • a teaspoon of olive oil
  • a teaspoon of bleach
  • a teaspoon of liquid soap