Politics and Power: The 'House of Cards' Quiz
by Staff
Show of hands: Who knew what back channeling was before you watched "House of Cards"? Test your knowledge of the devious characters and dastardly scheming of the hit Netflix show.

In the first scene of the first episode of "House of Cards," what kind of animal does Frank Underwood kill?

  • horse
  • dog
  • cat

Frank Underwood is from this state.

  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina

At the beginning of the series, what governmental position does Frank hold?

  • majority whip
  • speaker of the House
  • vice president

Frank is passed up for this position as the series starts.

  • vice president
  • speaker of the House
  • secretary of state

What organization does Claire Underwood run in the first season?

  • Poverty Research Institute
  • Global Heath International
  • Clean Water Initiative

What's the name of the president in season one?

  • Garrett Walker
  • Marcus Hopkins
  • Benjamin Abbott

Zoe Barnes writes for this publication.

  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • Washington Herald

How does Peter Russo die in season one?

  • broken neck
  • brain cancer
  • carbon monoxide poisoning

Frank is constantly scheming against this woman, who's President Walker's chief of staff.

  • Linda Vasquez
  • Rhonda Perez
  • Donna Lopez

Who does President Walker choose to be vice president at the end of season one?

  • Raymond Tusk
  • Frank Underwood
  • Catherine Durant

How does Frank kill Zoe Barnes in the season two opener?

  • He stabs her in the back.
  • He strangles her in bed.
  • He pushes her in front of a subway train.

Who's the Chinese businessman who figures prominently in season two?

  • Xander Feng
  • Aloysius Chung
  • Geoffrey Lin

Frank and Claire have a threesome with this character in season two.

  • the vice president
  • Freddy, the barbecue restaurant owner
  • Frank's Secret Service agent

Claire spends much of season two trying to get a bill passed on this issue.

  • insider trading
  • gun control
  • sexual assault in the military

Who bashes Doug Stamper in the head and leaves him for dead in the woods?

  • Rachel Posner
  • Jackie Sharp
  • Remy Danton

As Doug recovers from his injuries, he often injects himself with a syringe full of what?

  • heroin
  • whiskey
  • painkillers

Gavin Orsay, the hacker who works for Doug Stamper in season two, is often seen cuddling one of these.

  • a pillow
  • a guinea pig
  • a toddler

At the end of season two, what is Frank's title?

  • speaker of the House
  • vice president
  • president

Frank urinates on this in the season three opener.

  • his father's grave
  • Claire's foot
  • a cross

When he becomes president, Frank makes this character his chief of staff.

  • Remy Danton
  • Doug Stamper
  • Jackie Sharp

Feeling rejected by Frank, Doug then goes to work for this presidential candidate.

  • Jackie Sharp
  • Heather Dunbar
  • Catherine Durant

Frank promises Jackie Sharp that she can be his vice president, but when he betrays her she endorses this candidate.

  • Garrett Walker
  • Heather Dunbar
  • Donald Trump

The Senate rejects Claire for this position, but Frank appoints her anyway.

  • attorney general
  • ambassador to the United Nations
  • Supreme Court justice

Why does Frank force Claire to resign as ambassador to the U.N.?

  • She screwed up in Russia.
  • She screwed up in the Jordan Valley.
  • She screwed up in the cabinet meeting.

The president of this country plants a kiss on Claire after a state dinner.

  • Russia
  • France
  • China

These two characters sleep together in season three.

  • Remy Danton and Jackie Sharp
  • Heather Dunbar and Claire Underwood
  • Gavin Orsay and Rachel Posner

What secret are the Underwoods desperately trying to keep under wraps in seasons two and three?

  • Frank killed Peter Russo.
  • Frank killed Zoe Barnes.
  • Claire had an abortion.

Who is the writer who shadows Frank for most of season three?

  • Martin Richardson
  • Thomas Yates
  • Robert Clarke

Does Doug kill Rachel in the final episode of season three?

  • yes
  • no

What bombshell does Claire drop at the end of season three?

  • She's running for president against Frank.
  • She's leaving Frank.
  • She has cancer.