The Ultimate House Settling Quiz
by Staff
House settling can be rather unsettling at times. Is it okay or is it something to raise an alarm about? And what are the main indicators? Settle down while you figure it all out with this unsettling quiz.

What makes the noises when houses settle?

  • Window and door frames move slightly and create a slight creak.
  • Joints and floorings creak as the house falls into place.
  • Ceilings shift a little away from the walls, enough to make a creaky sound.

What determines the severity of damage when a house settles?

  • the quality of the original construction and the type of foundation upon which it rests
  • whether it was made of solid brick or brick veneer and the quality of roof shingles
  • the type of water piping used and the number of years the house was lived in

Which of these is the most common reason for house settling?

  • spreading tree roots
  • improperly backfilled soil
  • buried debris underground

Soil that has been excavated and replaced is:

  • organic
  • virgin soil
  • non-virgin soil

What could happen if, during construction, the builder buries unused construction materials within the foundations?

  • The materials could decompose and create pockets that collapse.
  • The materials could expand and cause unsettling noises.
  • The materials could generate more buried materials, which would not be biodegradable.

What element affects the behavior of clay soil?

  • wind
  • air
  • water

Your house has eave troughs that channel rainwater away from its foundation. Does this mean that house settling will be delayed?

  • not at all
  • certainly
  • no, if anything, it'll speed up the process

What is meant by your house being "plumb"?

  • The water piping (or "plumbing") of the house is high-quality.
  • All vertical aspects of your house are built at a 90-degree angle to the horizontal plane.
  • Your house is built as well as a plum is ripe.

If a house falls out of plumb and begins to shift, what are the initial warning signs?

  • too much sunlight penetration
  • water trickling along the walls
  • cracks in the masonry or in the slab foundation

Do cracks in the house always portend house shifting?

  • No, sometimes they portend hurricane warnings.
  • Yes, unfortunately.
  • No, sometimes they're due to seasonal pressures.

Which of these materials would display cracks more easily?

  • drywall and plaster
  • wood and masonry
  • stone and brick

What happens to doors and windows when your house falls out of plumb?

  • They shatter.
  • They become difficult to open.
  • They break loose.

What is the first thing that foundation restoration companies do when your house shifts?

  • They patch the cracks immediately.
  • They call in the experts.
  • They install strong screws to support the foundation.

Do all houses settle?

  • Yes, even new ones.
  • No, only some do.
  • Yes, eventually they all do.

What effect could downward movement have on your gas and water pipes?

  • They could become twisted or bent.
  • They could fuse together.
  • They could disconnect from their main supply.