The Ultimate House Trimming Quiz
by Staff
Home décor is a wonderful fusion of color, texture, furniture and accessories. To supply another element to the mix, tasteful trims can accentuate your home all the more with decorative details that give an added dimension to your walls, windows and woodwork. Take this quiz and find out how you can turn an ordinary space into an extraordinary place.

What is trim in a home?

  • a haircut you give yourself and the family
  • a fitness program you do to keep in shape
  • a decorative element you can add to floors, walls and ceilings

What is generally used to trim a door or window?

  • casing
  • casting
  • coasting

What is a pilaster?

  • a sculpted piece of plaster
  • a person who works with plaster of Paris
  • a thin column

Where is an entablature found?

  • on the top of a doorway
  • at the bottom of a window
  • on the side of an archway

In trimming terms, where will you find a stool and an apron?

  • in the kitchen
  • on a window
  • under a painting

What is the difference between a pillar and a pilaster?

  • There is no difference.
  • One is ancient and one is modern.
  • They are positioned differently.

What other material besides wood and plaster can be used for a pillar or a pilaster?

  • glass
  • fiberglass
  • plastic

What is a mantel?

  • a fireplace
  • a coating
  • a decorative structure

What are two types of trim that can be added to staircases?

  • stringers and brackets
  • streamers and parentheses
  • pennants and pendants

What is the most common design of picture rail?

  • square
  • rounded
  • both

What kind of trim is often used in picture rail with a federal or classical design?

  • dental
  • dentil
  • dentile

What function does picture rail serve besides helping to frame artwork?

  • It hides nails and picture hooks.
  • It is used to display miniatures.
  • It reinforces the strength of a wall.

What is one of the most elaborate types of trim?

  • a frieze
  • a molding
  • a column

Where is a frieze generally placed?

  • on the ceiling
  • between rows of crown molding and picture rail
  • around an archway

What is the major function of chair rail?

  • to keep walls from being marred by chairs
  • to decorate wooden chairs
  • to keep a set of chairs neatly aligned

Where in the home will you find baseboards?

  • upon the surface of the floor
  • along the bottom section of a wall
  • between the ceiling and the upper wall

What kind of trim is used to create a visual shift between ceilings and walls?

  • crown molding
  • tiara tiling
  • laurel wreathing

Which of the following is not a type of crown molding?

  • ogee
  • rosevine
  • egg-and-spoon

What is the name of the trim that uses large panels to cover the lower part of a wall?

  • wainscoting
  • waistcoating
  • windscouting

What is the major function of wainscoting?

  • to help protect walls while providing a decorative finish
  • to cover up defects in the walls
  • to serve as a canvas for murals and wall art