The Ultimate Houseboat Quiz
by Staff
People who live on boats are called liveaboards. Living on a boat is not the most popular style of residence in the U.S., but there are those who prefer to shower in the head and cook in the galley. Take this quiz to see how your knowledge of living on a houseboat floats.

What name has been given to those who live on a houseboat?

  • liveaboards
  • aqua people
  • man over boards

What is significant about non-cruising houseboats?

  • little mobility
  • no mobility
  • both answers

Which direction is starboard?

  • front
  • left
  • right

What is the depth of a boat?

  • stern
  • draft
  • beam

Why is the boat's draft important to know?

  • for safe operation of the boat
  • to prevent damage to boat bottom
  • both answers

What is the name for a houseboat's bathroom?

  • head
  • cabin
  • galley

On a houseboat, what is the kitchen called?

  • galley
  • stateroom
  • cabin

In what room of the houseboat may the water rock you to sleep?

  • cabin
  • stateroom
  • head

How do non-cruising houseboats manage the kitchen and bathroom issues?

  • direct source
  • water and sewage tanks
  • neither answer

How does a cruising houseboat deal with water and sewage needs?

  • water tank
  • sewage tank
  • both answers

How do cruising houseboat dispose of waste?

  • They incinerate and dump waste overboard.
  • They treat and pump waste overboard.
  • both answers

What principle keeps boats afloat?

  • buoyancy
  • gravity
  • neural science

Why is fiberglass a popular material for the construction of houseboats?

  • light, strong and low maintenance
  • floats easily
  • both answers

What pulls a boat toward the water?

  • center of buoyancy
  • center of gravity
  • neither answer

Why is it easier to insure a fiberglass boat?

  • lower risk of damage
  • no risk of damage
  • higher risk of damage

What is an advantage of wood over fiberglass?

  • less expensive
  • lighter
  • less maintenance

Who has the right to search a boat, without probable cause?

  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • other boaters
  • police

Where is the birthplace of houseboating?

  • Lake Cumberland
  • Lake Mary
  • Lake Monroe

Where can you see the Houseboat Museum?

  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • Melbourne

What do police need in order to search your car?

  • no probable cause
  • probable cause
  • neither answer